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  1. I am lookin for a permissions plugin for my prison server. That allows a player to have to ranks (with two sets of permissions)
    To allow players to either be staff, donator and rankup at the same time.

    I have searched and searched through threads and I have tried everything but they seems to be no solution. Can I please have some help.
  2. This is not possible, you will need to do something different, I will explain:
    Your ranks (say this is a prison server):
    You are Rank A. You have a group called A and they are in that group. Say they go and donate, instead of adding them to another group which would cause numerous problems, you just add the necessary permissions to that player. E.g. using PermissionsEx: /pex user (Username) add (The permission you want to add)
    And you use those commands to give the donator their well-deserved perks.
    Say you want someone to be staff, be rank A and a donator, its just like before, just add the permissions on.:
    E.g. using PermissionsEx: /pex user (Username) add (The permission you want to add)

    Hope I helped and explained well, if you would like any more help I am more than happy to offer it ;)
  3. This is not a good solution, as it's difficult if you need to edit or remove their permissions.

    I recommend creating groups that are both the staff rank, and the donator rank, so for example moderator-vip which inherits from both moderator and VIP.
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  4. But how would you detect say when the rankup (A to B) and they are a moderator that they are a moderator? How would you?
  5. You'd have to do it manually or make your own system, but it's still a much better solution.
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  6. Making a whole new permissions plugin would be very arduous and hard... And manually would be very annoying if making say a prison server. Factions server would be somewhat managable, but still, manual is never the long-term solution.

    I just had an idea though, maybe you could get someone to make some kind of add-on to things like EZRanksPro and PermissionsEx saying if they have this do this instead of the regular this, or even multiple options. That would be a better long term solution.
  7. Not what I was talking about at all, just something to hook into the donation system and check if the player is already a staff rank.
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  8. Thank you very much. Your solution seems pretty straight forward. Though it is a shame that there isnt a permissions plugin able to manage two ranks in the first place :/
  9. You can just use pex to set up member, donator and staff ranks. To change their prison rank, you just add the required permissions and you give them a suffix using /pex user <player> add <permission> and /pex user <player> suffix <new rank> ;)
  10. Sub groups and direct prefixes/suffixes ? - This seems so much easier than what you're all suggesting, do some research on sub groups with permissionsEX as I'm not too good with it but I'm confident it's possible. You'd just have to add the prefix DIRECTLY and have a sub group added automatically, but with no suffix or prefix.