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  1. I am a bungeecord server owner and i want a plugin which will do global rank with permissions to fly, msgtoggle (mainly EssentialsX permissions) on every server, but I also want that on not-lobby server they have predefined ranks on that server, global rank permission and global rank prefix.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Your best shot is probably to use LuckPerms and use a central database.
  3. What do you mean? I'm planning to place it in bungeecord plugins folder. Do I need to place every luckperms.jar in every spigot/bukkit plugins folder? And, how can I set luckperms to use pre-defined pex ranks on non-lobby server?
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  4. You use either LuckPerms or Pex, not both. I think Pex also supports MySQL, so that's another option if you want to stick to pex.
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  5. Ok, now do I need to place luckperms.jar in just bungeecord/plugins folder or in bungee and spigot, and how am i going to set pre-defined ranks on non-lobby server in a global rank?
  6. Here's the answer....
    The BungeeCord version of LuckPerms
    A common misconception with the BungeeCord version is that it's a replacement for installing LuckPerms on your backend Spigot/Sponge servers. This is untrue.

    When LuckPerms is installed on a BungeeCord proxy, it does two things:

    • It handles permissions checks made by BungeeCord plugins. It does not intercept or handle permission checks made by plugins on the backend server.
    • It forwards update notifications and log messages around the network when messaging-service is set to 'bungee'.
    This means that if you want LuckPerms to respond to permission checks on your backend Spigot or Sponge server, you need to install it there too, even if you have it on your proxy.
  7. Guess I'll have to learn to use global permissions with pre-defined ranks from wiki
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