Solved RankUp plugin and a pex question

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  1. Hello everyone guys, i have two questions, lets start ;),

    1.I'm searching for a RankUp plugin, ill explain with an example;
    A players joins for the first time for the server, he have the rank Member, on the server exists two factions, the mobs one and the animals one, the player wants to join the mobs one, he click on the sign and he get the rank Zombie, after 1 hour he automatically rankup to skeleton, is it possible with 1 plugin (or in case multiple plugins)
    NOTE: The player can't change from mobs to animals

    2.How i can copy permissions of a certain ranks to another one?
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  2. If i manually do it on the permissions.yml it doesn't work, is there a command? What one?
  3. Tox


    The rankup part after an hour can be done with a simple playtime plugin that does a command after a hour of playing on the server
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  4. For PermissionEx i discovered how to do it, and for rankup im okay, thank everyone for helping.
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