Spigot Rankup 3.6.1

An easy-to-setup and lightweight rankup system with a GUI!

  1. is there a simple way to configure it with votingplugin so that a rank variable needs a certain amount of votes? =)
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    Yes, it's the recommended permissions plugin for Rankup.
  3. Please add a GUI for /ranks, the list is scuffed af.
  4. Support for beast tokens would be amazing.
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    I don't know what those are.
  7. Its just like Tokenmanager but a premium plugin.
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  10. I have this error when I try to use any command
    [Rankup] Could not find a first rank. First ranks must not have anything that ranks up to them.

    can someone help me?

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    You seem to have missed an error - your configuration file is not valid YML https://pastie.io/mqioal.txt
  12. 19:28:43 ERROR]: Failed to load Rankup
    [19:28:43 ERROR]: The 'money' requirement is being used but no economy is found

    is the error i get. I have Vault installed. am i missing something? this is for 1.15..
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    Well you need an economy plugin if you want to use the money requirement. Either get an economy plugin or remove the money requirement from the rankups.yml.
  14. ok so i need vault and an eco plugin?
    i thought vault was enough. but thanks
  15. Hello, im trying to do multiple paths (2 paths with 5 rankups each) but will only show 1 rankup for me , doesent matter in what group i am !
    Any idea what im doing wrong?
    Heres the config im trying to use, maybe someone can give me a hand:
    Thanks in advance!
    ps: Using lukperms and i use the display names for ranks!
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  16. this plugin is not compatible with PixelVIP, I'm in Group A when I add VIP, and I give /rankup group B some is just the VIP, I tested other plugins and it's just this one, I wanted a lot of help because I wanted to use this plugin

    I tested it with another plugin and it didn't happen, I really wanted to use your plugin if I could fix it for myself