Spigot Rankup 3.6.1

An easy-to-setup and lightweight rankup system with a GUI!

  1. podrías añadir una variable de progreso
  2. I'm running paper 1.15 and the plugin fails after the restarts. i use /rankup3 reload and everything works again.
  3. Would pay a lot of money for this if you added MYSQL Support for tracking the time played so i can track users time across each server.
  4. I have my config file set for GUI but when you type /ranks it still list all the rankup in text. Does anyone have an idea why this would be happening
  5. /ranks is text-based it's /rankup thats GUI based

    I'm also waiting for him to do /ranks in a customizable GUI before i use the plugin. I asked him last month about it and he said he was working on it, not sure if he has made any more progress.

  6. I keep getting an error in console that says '[Rankup] Could not find a first rank. First ranks must not have anything that ranks up to them.'

    However attached is my rankup file...nothing ranks up to my first rank. Please help

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  7. I am trying to add prestige after 5 ranks but when I type /prestige when I am rank 5, it says that I need to be a higher level to prestige and when I type /rankup, it says that I need to Prestige first. Thanks for the plugin though it is really good. I love the prestige idea
  8. I think the wiki is outdated... Just tried the following setup:
    Code (Text):
      rank: 'a'
      next: 'b'
        default: # used when a player hasn't prestiged
          - money 100
        p1: # used in p1
          - money 200
        p2: # used in p2
          - money 300
    Console returned:
    Code (Text):
    [09:33:30] [Server thread/INFO]: Eroserv issued server command: /rankup
    [09:33:30] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Rankup] Rankup/prestige section 'a' is using the old requirements system.
    [09:33:30] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Rankup] Instead of a configuration section, it is now a list of strings.
    [09:33:30] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Rankup] For example, instead of "requirements: money: 1000" you should use "requirements: - 'money 1000'".
  9. Okx


    Your version of Rankup is outdated. Use 3.8.1. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rankup.76964/
  10. Is this Plugin compatible with UltraPermissions?
  11. When I run the /rankup command, I get the error"Sorry, but we could not find any rankups for the group(s) you are in. Use /ranks to list the rankups." I used lp editor to put myself into my default rank but it doesn't change anything.
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  12. Will there be support for Jobs plugin like ''jobs levels req''
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  13. Same problem here
    If you could fix this before 1.17 i’d be so grateful!
    Or just help out if the problem is caused by myself.
  14. How use mob-kills placeholder?

    rank: 'a'
    next: 'b'
    - 'mob-kills zombie 100'
    requirements-not-met: "{{ rank.requirement('mob-kills').progress }}"