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  1. Hello,

    So When players start the server they get [Member] Rank, they /Rankup and instead of taking away member I want it to say [Theif] [Member] the member rank only changes when they donate so now the person donates and it goes up to [Theif] [Hero] how can I create this? I am using GroupManager and EZranksPro

    Mind if you help me out alittle here @clip I bought your plugin for this kind of extra support :/
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    This depends on your chat formatting plugin... With GroupManager you should add the donator ranks with manuaddsub though.
  3. Yes but I very much like it to show the prefixes of the donor ranks too. And do u want a config of my essentials chat config? If that helps
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    I am not sure if you can configure essentials chat to do what you want with donor ranks being subgroups :/

    You could use my free plugin DeluxeTags for donor tags and use the "force tags" option to show tags for donor ranks in essentials chat though. This would require you create a tag for each donor rank and give the perm to each donor rank - deluxetags.forcetag.vip (for tag "vip")

    These tags would only show up if a player has permission, so only if they are a donor.

    Another option is for you to use a chat plugin which supports PlaceholderAPI or per group formats based on permission.

    Some plugins which support multiple formats based on permission I know of:

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  5. So for deluxetag. It's mainly a permission to see the tag, and how will they get there perks and perms? I guess subgroup correct? And how will the /rankup work right away for the person to keep there [Theif] [Member] even if there not a donor. I know once they rank up there "Theif" rank will turn into a new Rank once ranked up. But how will keeping there [Member] Rank on the side work?
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    Make thief inherit member permissions and just make the thief prefix "[member] [thief]"
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  7. Clip, thanks so much for your support here. I really do appreciate you responding. This means a lot :D I'm a very hard worker I'll try my best to make this all work. I'll try it out and see how this works. Also everytime I have a map reset and Etc. is there a way I can reset everyone's /rankup ranks? Like will there be a file of players /ranking up and I can just delete it to reset it. For EzRanksPro
  8. @clip i just found out in your EzRanksPro video. If I enable Chat_Prefix_Enable to true it will allow me to have 2 prefixes as Coz just said xD since this is EzRanksPro and not EzRanksLite what's the new permission and when he said "place it in essemtials" do you know where in essentials?