[RANT] Minecraft is NOT single threaded

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  1. lol

    Apart from that, Minecraft has had it's share of performance issues since forever, mostly since it let's java garbage collector handle the memory. That, along with some awkward coding, has made MC use more and more resources, and nowadays hardware requirements to smoothly run MC are way too big. The fact that Optifine exists and that it really makes a difference gives a big hint that improvements can be made to the game, but for some reason that's not a priority with the developers.
  2. Am I still on time to write my lol?

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  3. lol
  4. we're talking server performance here. we know about the client's terrible light engine, there are numerous fabric mods and optifine which improve it.
  5. [RANT] Forests are NOT made out of trees
    The lack of knowledge amongst the forest community about this topic made me create this.

    I see people here and there which when discuss forests claim "forests are made out of trees". That's not true.
    In fact, the proof is there when you enter a forest:

    Everything marked with red here is NOT a tree, and you can see there's multiple non-tree objects.

    What probably people mean to say is that a forest consits 99% of trees, the last 1% is other random plants and objects. There's a difference from the earth to the moon between 99% and a 100%. In fact, there are some (rare) cases where there are even stones and objects that arent even plants.

    So lets correct that sentence. Forests are made mostly out of trees, but to say forests are made out of trees is stupid, because the very very very tiny small bits of the forest that isn't trees should also be mentioned.
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  6. I was not talking about singleplayer here, even though the optifine example might suggest otherwise, it applies to all aspects of java Minecraft. Tighter code means less resources usage, means less strain on servers as well.
  7. I think someone should just calculate how much % of minecraft's code is single threaded and how much % is multi-threaded and then just say something like "minecraft is 10% single threaded and 90% multi-threaded" instead of saying single-threaded or not, would remove all confusion
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  8. Why argue? This is nonsense minecraft uses more than one thread, but still a significant part of shit in one, for example mobs <-the main reason for server delays yes, especially fish, zombie, villagers, I hope next year they will surprise us with good optimization or, as always, they will release slag that will load in everyone's favorite 1 stream:love:
  9. Wrong
  10. Still faster than what my first programming experiences were on... I had a C64 when I was a kid - 985KHz CPU. I used to copy stuff from books and magazines, then try to change it to do other things.
  11. I never realized the 6510 (basically a 6502) would be run so slowly in 1982. The 8080 was running at 2.5 MHz several years earlier.

    The 6502 is still produced. They make hundreds of millions of them each year, although they run at 200 MHz now. They're even used in heart defibrillators and pacemakers.
  12. MC servers being multithread is partially true, as some things (like rendering chunks) are offloaded from the main server thread to other worker threads (if they're available). However, most server processes are executed by one thread. When people say "Minecraft servers are single threaded", they are usually referring to the main server thread, and the fact that a MC server can run on one thread (although performance may not be great).

    Just wanted to throw my two cents in, and I hope this response helps someone!
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  13. Choco


    Alright this thread should have been locked a long while ago.

    Thread locked.
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