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  1. yo lads,

    I'm running spigot server on my PI (v3). Everything work fine until someone ''exploring'' the map it make others players lag af. I suspect spigot to compress chunks and it using a lot of live resources. ( I did not have any problems with cuberite) . Now my question: I cannot find any setting where I can play with compression level (1 to 10 in cuberite) so anyone have any ideas how? and this is of course by default compressed af cause on my other servers I had a smaller map for 2gb of space now I have large amount of chunks generated and map only take around 180mb.

    edit: oh im working on a way to pre-generate the world if anyone did this on a PI. worldborder don't work cause not enough ram on the PI

    thanks for any tips.

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  2. I suspect that the PI's cpu is too slow to render the chunks fast enough.
  3. I suspect that first too but after some investigations cpu max load is around 25-30%max (with 4 players on) . that why now im trying to tweak compression level.
  4. Is that 25-30% per core (Pi3 has 4) or total? The method you obtained the value may effect what 25% means...
    If it's from top, then you're correct - it means 25% of one CPU (or core), which means plenty of room to move.
    Whereas some other tools (but not all of course) show values like Windows does, it means 25% of the entire quad core (or 100% of a core), and probably limited by being single threaded.

    I suspect it's chunk gen too, BTW. My 2.4GHz Opteron server can't do chunk gen very well. I doubt a 1.2GHz ARM can.
  5. Since the seed is known, you can build the map elsewhere?

  6. of course it is chunk gen. but I think what make the lag is the way it compress the map and save it. look like it is the little thing who cross the line to make the lag happen cause I did not had this problem running the server on Cuberite with uncompressed map (take a lot of more space tho). I really want to try it that way with spigot to see!
  7. The size of the map doesn't really matter, it's the active chunks that are being called and used.
    If the system has them raw on the system you might actually get better performance out of them than compression and decompression constantly?
  8. i would say it is due to the speed of the sd card & single core performance.
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  9. If it's simply compression/decompression, you'd see lag when existing chunks load and unload. If it's only happening during chunk generation, it's the CPU.
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