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Discussion in 'Technology' started by VentureForo, Jun 20, 2016.



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  7. Out Of The Park Amazing Artist In Here, we got van Gogh all again, he has been reborn. GET THE NEWS

  1. title says it all yo. Give my logo my bro made professionally and I will recommend his service to you guys.
    SB Stands for SteamerBeam
    KIK: SteamerBeam Add me yo

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  2. Well, where is it?
  3. Lmao Sorry, its my profile pic and I fixed it now lol.
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  4. Allah**
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  5. hmm i prefer minimalist logos but it is ok...
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  6. Whats that
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  7. I prefer complex logos, but people think their unprofessional xD
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  8. I think this is a matter of taste :)
    I dont think their unprofessional, it depends on the logo.
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  9. It was made in paint.net in about 4 minutes. i give it 10/10, considering the OP.
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  10. What was made in paint.net lol
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  11. i think it was a joke :)
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  12. Amatur as fuck
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  13. This is post is "honest", so please don't take this badly, since if I wasn't write this, it would show I didn't care, so I just want to say one last time, I care...

    Design is hard... It's a gift, but can be learned. It's great that you are joining the art community and starting out. I personal don't see anything well made in this, it just looks like any clan template, made in some online software. I would advise you to try to find a more personal style or more modern popular style, also don't use paint (GIMP and Inkscape are way better) ;) Never give up and good luck ;)
  14. I don't use paint lmao. I use photoshop cs6 Extended, who says I use paint, How can you even render a 3d image in paint lol. Thanks for the feedback though <3
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  15. Voted 2 because it has a triangle and i love illuminati things, but really its a 1.
  16. You cant, but since that logo has nothing remotely resembling a 3d rendering..
  17. Uh the SB is 3D... lol
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  18. Looks like utterly normal text with some shading to make it look slightly 3D. Definitely not a rendered model, since photoshop cannot even do that.