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Discussion in 'Technology' started by VentureForo, Jun 20, 2016.



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  7. Out Of The Park Amazing Artist In Here, we got van Gogh all again, he has been reborn. GET THE NEWS

  1. Uhh what? photoshop can render. Are you not intelligent?
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  2. Rood
  3. ikr. But people on here think they know everything, so they try to act cool by saying stuff they don't even know. It's funny at the same time but annoying.
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  4. Some of us here have really art shops... Like @BlurGraphics

    Also the font could have just been some 3d font :p
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  5. Nah I got the whole psd if you wanna see proof?
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  6. Dude! We believe you...
  7. lol <3
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  8. Hmm, not bad 3/5
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  9. I think the logo has to be a little bit brighter/clearer... 2,5/5 in my opinion.
  10. The logo honestly doesn't look that great. I'm not trying to be rude, but it looks like you just went on Cinema 4D, made some text, and popped on some Google Images and changed the color.
  11. Looks like a few things just layered over.
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  12. Looks like you just grabbed some pictures off google, pasted them together, and threw your name on top..?

  13. Its alright, it reminds me of super mario 64 for some reason
  14. It looks pretty neat :D
  15. I would personally prefer a "clean" logo with perhaps max. 5 colors and obviously defined shapes. And yeah, logo design is challenging.