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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Despect, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. My pc is not a server
  2. The Intel i7-5960x isn't necessarily server grade.
  3. 2/10, waste of money.
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  4. Any reason why you need 32 GB of ram?
  5. Lots of tabs and things going on at once
  6. I got lots of tabs and things going at once atm and am at only 8GB of ram used. You won't really need 32GB unless you are doing heavy video editing or other high production software and even then some use different resources such as video memory or just outright don't utilize ram. Either way 32GB doesn't hurt anything but your wallet so if you just want it to have it then that's not bad either.
  7. Rendering takes up 8gb of my ram, 4gb of tabs, and 8gb of games. I still have extra, but I got a deal on newegg for my mobo, ram, cpu, and cpu liquid cooler.
  8. 4GB of tabs? Dayum.
  9. I do a lot of stuff.....
  10. Sure, we don't want to know what you're up to ;) I was just saying thats a lot for tabs.
  11. Great but overpriced.
  12. Holy crap 10/10, can I have it xD?
  13. 9/10 it can always be improved
  14. *cough* hd porn *cough*
  15. Waste of money if this isn't a server. Considering your typical usage this is overkill...
  16. I have 2x 1440p monitors that run at 120fps and I can not even test my games for 1440p 120hz because I cannot get over 40fps......
  17. 8/10. Its pretty op but titans x's are better....
  18. I did not wanna get 2 Titan X because it would be overkill for my usage but 1 would not be enough so I got 2 980ti