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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by mpusstamfan, May 10, 2019.

  1. Unnamed : This plugin is still unnamed. This things allows you to create immersive gameplay with a bunch of feature that will completly turn your server into MMORPG based game. With Class, Stats, Abilities, Spells and others system.

    1. Class
    Every MMORPG should have this things. And yap, this plugin have Class system too. Every class you made will determine player gameplay. Every class have their own skill (Passive & Active) too ^^
    2. Stats
    Store your player stats into database. Its a basic things in MMORPG.
    3. Attributes
    Abilities contains basic Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Agility, and Magic. Each type of abilities will affect your character power. Such as Strength will determine your attack power, Endurance will determine your health, Dexterity will determine how long you must chant a spell, Agility will determine your movement speed & attack speed, and Magic will determine your mana and magic power.
    4. Spells
    Spells contains passive and active spells. Active spells have 3 / 2 types based on how player use it. Toggle spells that will active only if you toggle it and also it will drain your mana / second. Instant spells that will active if you use it and reduce your mana / usage. And chanting spells that need to be chanted (hold right click for certain amount of time) before the spells active. You can use combo chanting instead of instant or hold chanting system if you want to.
    This system implement things that you probably never seen in any other plugins. Such as attack speed and attack range. Attack range? Seriously? Yes, it is. Attack range mean the maximum distance between you and your target to deal a damage. This system can prevent reach cheats too.

    Also, leveling system is splitted into 2. Character and Class level, while character level didnt have any maximum or significant effect to your character power, Class level will raise your character power (like unlocking class spell, new attributes, and etc) but Class level have a maximum value.

    Class system in this system isnt like the others. You can equip more than one Class. Class slot can be unlocked when you reach specify amount of level. And when you equip a new Class, you will be given a benefit from your new Class and keep your old Class benefits without replacing it.

  2. Nice i Like It
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  3. Strahan


    Ugh, next time start in daylight. Also I'm not sure what we were seeing here aside from your health regen and you getting your ass handed to you by a golem lol. I saw your stick saying something about "crimson spear" but it didn't appear to do anything meaningful. What was that about?
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  4. Im actualy want to show the attack range, but maybe since the current attack range i set to 3 so it doesnt show any difference. And thanks btw ^^
  5. Cool!
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  6. Strahan


    Ahh, OK. Cool :)

    I'd suggest on your next preview you hook up a mic up and do some voiceover explaining things as you go. That'd be beneficial.
  7. Looks great, amazing functionality and innovative design.
  8. This things will gonna be up soon on spigotmc, im aiming to make the most customizable MMORPG Core that allow people to create their own class, items, power / spells, or even attributes.

    Note :
    In the desc, i may look like making the attributes as permanent things, mean you cannot create, delete, or even changes them. But in the future, it will be customizable