Rdp / vps ???

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  1. Hi Brothers
    I do not want to use vps Because it IS complicated ( i use bungeecord 12 servers and MySQL database xampp )
    So i will use rdp Because it IS easy (Easy to control)

    The questions ?

    Does this affect negatively?
    Can I do this?
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  2. Using a Windows VPS with RDP is certainly possible.
    Windows is more resource intensive than Linux, so you'll need more RAM than you would with a Linux VPS. You will notice a minor decrease in performance though.
  3. Legoman99573


    If you don't know how linux works, then it's not our problem. Windows will cause alot of preformance issues as windows consumes alot of resources
    If you don't know how a VPS or a server works, you are more vulnerable for someone to hack you or make a backdoor. Recommend hitting the books before you start a server or use a dedicated server.
  4. i will use 32gb ram and intel xeon 12 cores
  5. how fast is the cpu, cause you just might notice a bottle
  6. cpu mybe 2.8ghz
  7. What CPU is it?
  8. Youll be paying extra for the windows license, for your host to set it up, and itll also take up extra resources...
    Just because youre too lazy to learn how to use the commandline?
  9. i have more than 12 servers bungeecord so i like rdp to i can control my server easy
    bad english :(
  10. are you serious ?
  11. Yes?
  12. cpu = Processeur
    like intel xeon and i7 and i5 and more......
  13. That's not what I asked.
  14. the cpu model matters immensely, not core count and not clock speed.
  15. So?
    You can also easily control them in a terminal.
    Instead of opening a tab you just have to type
    "Screen -r <SERVERNAME>", and you can keep them open on your pc...
    Your files can be managed over SFTP, which is just as easy as having them as files in file explorer...
    Commandline is about as easy, if not easier. You just have to learn to work with it.
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  16. who told you this
    you are wrong
    the cores and clock speed is Important (performance)
    and the cpus be from reliable companies like intel and amd
  17. Wrong! My AMD Threadripper 1900X is faster than my 7700K @ 5GHz in single core performance.

    It does not matter if it has a high clock speed or a high core count, you request help and we ask for the model name and you just go on about that it does not matter, is it you needing help or us?
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  18. thank you the problem is how i can install mysql ( database )on vps with xampp

  19. i know this


    i give you Example
    who is batter core 2 quad have 4cores or i3 2100 have 2 cores
    the winner is i3 2100

    do not forget
    Hyper-Threading Technology

    i have i7 7700k is good for gaming and editing
  20. Well, I wouldnt use XAMPP... Buuuuut the command to install mysql is "apt-get install mysql-server" (depending on the distro you pick), and there are tons of online tutorials.

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