[Re-opened] Spigot's Impact on Vanilla Mechanics

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  1. Hi all, I'm working to understand what exactly vanilla Spigot nerfs/enhances/changes from the vanilla Minecraft experience, mostly from a farm and technical perspective.

    People I've played with seem to all have one or two examples of things they feel are changed (mending % reduced from fishing, squid spawning irregularities, entity clumping follows different rules), but I can neither prove these to be true or untrue, and haven't been able to find any documentation to help in the wiki.

    So, is my google-fu just terrible and I missed an obvious link, or does Spigot not release details on how their framework changes the base game?
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  3. Thanks for the input Choco!

    I've read that section again and while it does detail how to configure some of the changes, it doesn't list out what is actually changed. For instance, I can change a setting to make hoppers better emulate vanilla mechanics (hoppper-alt-ticking=true), but it doesn't explain why hoppers are using a different mechanic to begin with, or what the change is actually doing other than making them "dynamic". I'm looking to understand these things on a more fundamental level than what the configuration file provides if that level of explanation is available.

    Edit: a follow-up question would be "Does Spigot process entities differently for AFK players?" since this is a common claim I've heard that's not configurable.

    Edit2: I realize now what you're saying is that the features changed by spigot are all of the features that are configurable. Meaning I cannot expect anything built in vanilla to 100% translate to Spigot. It will in some form or another introduce changes that are not part of the vanilla experience, however similar they are.
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  4. > entity clumping follows different rules
    If you mean item merging, yes spigot uses a different technique and that is not configurable, but spigots is more user friendly anyways than vanilla.

    Vanilla merges into the old stacks location, so if you're mass mining, it may be left behind. Spigot moves the old into the new so the merged stack 'jumps' with your mining progress, making it easier to pick up once you stop mining.

    As for other things, it's better to find something that doesn't work the way you want and how to configure it, than it is it to describe everything changed. you only should change stuff back to vanilla if there is a deviation if it actually causes you a problem and your worth sacrificing the 'why' it's changed to get pure vanilla.
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  5. I've found that specific change to be quite an annoyance, especially when destroying blocks over lava lakes or the void, as jumping to the next stack results in my blocks jumping off into nothingness.
    Arbitrarily tampering with mechanics to make them "better" seems quite unnecessary to me, especially when the changes aren't mentioned in the wiki or something that's configurable for players who rely on those mechanics in builds.

    I don't understand why the developers would send their users on a Easter egg hunt to learn what they're changing instead of just putting the changes into patch notes? If a plugin manipulated the game in ways that weren't listed in its wiki, I wouldn't try to blindly find a way to fix what it does; I'd uninstall the piece of junk and find a better plugin.

    Opinions aside, however, this has been extremely helpful and eye-opening. Thank you for taking the time to respond and answer my questions!

    Edit: Thread has been reopened as other users would like the opportunity to weigh in on the discussion.
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  6. I understand that Spigot has changes for a reason, and that reason means those changes should be the default for Spigot. But there should also be documentation saying exactly what to change in spigot.yml to have it behave the same as vanilla.

    I use the CraftBukkit made by BuildTools because I and my players want the server to behave like vanilla, but with plugins, of course. I also find md_5's recent comments on CraftBukkit to be concerning.
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