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  1. Q: First of all, what is Spigot ?
    To know what is Spigot you need to know what is Craftbukkit.. Craftbukkit is a fork of Minecraft Vanilla servers with the implemention of the Bukkit API which allows you to install plugins for your Minecraft server or to develop one. Then comes Spigot, it's a fork of Craftbukkit that adds over 150 optimisations, from performance improvements to changing Minecraft values like hunger and entity tracking !

    Q: So, what is SpigotMC ?
    After knowing what Spigot is, it's now time to know SpigotMC.. SpigotMC is the official community of Spigot, where you can contact others searching for help or support, and you can share your project !
    SpigotMC contain a web forums and Wiki for those who need help running their server !

    Q: How can I install Spigot ?
    All you need is two softwares to start the installation of Spigot: Git (download) and Java (download) ! Then, download the latest BuildTools from here !
    After downloading and installing both Git and Java, and getting BuildTools.jar, create a new folder to your desktop (as an example, you can put it anywhere else) then copy BuildTools.jar and paste it there. Right click anything, then choose Git Bash.
    In the Git Bash window that opens, write the following command: "java -jar BuildTools.jar" then wait until a success message appears.
    Copy Spigot-x.x.x.jar that you got from BuildTools and paste it in another EMPTY folder, then write the following command in Notepad or Notepad++:

    @Echo off
    java -Xmx1G -jar spigot.jar

    And save the file as start.bat (don't change the .bat part, and make sure you save the file as all files !) in the same directory as the Spigot.jar file, and then double click it..
    An eula text file will appears in the same folder, open it with any notepad and change eula=false to eula=true. Then run the batch file again and wait until everything is done right, then you can type stop in the command promt to save everything and close the server safely !

    Q: How can I install plugins for my Spigot server? .
    It is as simple as drinking water.. All you need is to download the plugin from SpigotMC, or Curse, droping it in the plugins folder and then running the server. (DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK THE PLUGIN FILE).
    If you have downloaded a .zip file, extract it to get the plugin .jar file (if you found too many files but not the plugin's file, then try to change the file's .zip to .jar by renaming the file).
    Note that some plugins may need other plugins to work, or a newer (as well as older) version of Minecraft or Java. (There may be more requirements depending on the plugin).

    Q: What are plugins?
    Bukkit plugins add several things and commands to your server to make it more fun or easier to manage, like Citizens that's a plugin that allows you to add NPCs to your minecraft server, and Quest World 2 that's a plugin that allows your players to finish quests for some money or rewards..

    Some plugins depend on other plugins or are compatible with each other, as an example, if you have both Citizens and Quest World 2 installed into your Spigot server you can add tasks in which you have to talk to a NPC or kill one.. In the same example, Quest World 2 needs CS-CoreLib to work !

    Q: What plugins do you recommend? .
    Every Bukkit server needs plugins for players to have fun, or just to make it easier for you as an admin to manage your server. I'll recommend some plugins for your Spigot server, with a simple to understand description.. There're too many other plugins that you can download from SpigotMC, or Curse:

    Essentials: Essentials, as its name says, is an essential plugin for EVERY server. It comes with full Chat and Nickname control, useful moderation tools and economy support.. You must try it to explore all its endless functions ! ;)

    PermissionsEx: Makes it much easier to manage your server permissions.

    ClearLagg: Don't you players like this bad lag even if you're using Spigot.. Then it's time to get ClearLagg and say Goodbye to server lag ! Clearlagg can easily reduce your server's lag by removing unnecessary entities, unloading chunks and running the Garbage Collector.. etc

    Vault: Is a permissions, chat and economy API to give plugins easy hooks into these systems, it's more like a bridge between plugins that a plugin. This plugins is highly recommended or I can say necessary for your server !

    WorldEdit: Comes with too many useful commands in building like copying, pasting, rotating, deleting and replacing too many blocks in seconds !

    WorldGuard: Sets regions in your world in which you can enable or disable various minecraft features like fall damage and health regen.

    CoreProtect: Restores the damage dealt to your buildings, records and manages server data without effecting the server performance !

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