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    This page is not frequently updated, please see the wiki instead: http://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/about-spigot/

    Quick Links
    • IRC - Come to irc.esper.net #spigot for support.
    • Builds - Downloads are over here
    • Source - If you want to check over stuff or just help out.
    • Bug Reports - Found an issue? It will only get fixed if you post it here.
    I would like to thank everyone who has made Spigot possible over the last few months, it has been a great journey for everyone involved. Special mentions to andrewkm and the folks over at EcoCityCraft who have been my driving force. I would also like to say thanks @Afforess for his wonderful work in creating CraftBukkit++ which inspired me to create Spigot, and from whom I drew a lot of work from in the early days. Finally special mentions to the entire Bukkit team and the enormous amount of work they put into making the best Minecraft server API out there!

    What is it?
    Well put it simply, Spigot is it. Spigot is the "special sauce" used by many of the world's top Minecraft servers to ensure that they can cope with their huge player base, and ensure the satisfaction of their players, by reducing and eliminating many causes of lag. The end result is your server becomes a cut above the competition, and you no longer have to spend time tearing your hair out over players complaining of lag. You know your players are getting the best experience they can possibly be getting. As well as increases in player satisfaction and performance, Spigot includes some cool features, not possible via a Bukkit plugin, which help make server administration and caring for your players easier. It must be noted as well that Spigot is also perfect for smaller servers, especially due to its newer features like cutting idle CPU usage, saving power and resources when only a few or no players are online.

    How does it work?
    Spigot is a huge collection of various tweaks to the stock CraftBukkit to increase performance, and make it more flexible as a server. Performance increasing modifications are always a priority, however over time many small features which increase the capabilities of the server without requiring API modifications or changes. As well as these small configuration and behaviour fixes, Spigot may also be the source of zero-day patches designed to fix and test fixes for critical issues before they are applied to the mainline CraftBukkit. Many performance increasing fixes designed for CraftBukkit by mikeprimm are placed in Spigot for early testing to see how they impact gameplay and performance. Some make it into CraftBukkit whilst others never do.

    There are many more features than listed below, check the source of just try yourself to get a complete idea. In general Spigot has no regressions on CraftBukkit, only a plethora of options, APIs and performance enhancements.

    There are many features in Spigot, some are only present for a limited time, whilst others form the backbone and very essence of Spigot. As there are just so many changes, this section is reserved for those which either fit into the latter category, or post a significant change or feature for you, the server admin.

    Server Changes
    • Huge TPS increases
    • Optimized growth, decay and chunk ticking
    • Optimized, auto merging itemstacks and experience orbs.
    • Chunk garbage collector, prevents chunk leaks
    • Memory reducing nibble arrays
    • Optimized tick loop -> perfect for GSPs, reduces idle load to nearly 0%
    • Prevents insane CPU load caused by maps in item frames
    • Disabling of random light updates
    • Spamguard exceptions
    • Customizable whitelist deny message
    • Configuration options for command logging
    • Configurable message on server stop
    • Restart command
    • Automatically stays up to date with latest CraftBukkit changes
    • Ultra efficient anti xray
    • High performance Netty based networking
    • Smart crash and server hang detection / prevention
    • Send player tab list pings which CraftBukkit disabled in an efficient manner.
    • Use ultra inefficient CraftBukkit map renderer only when needed - otherwise use efficient vanilla renderer.
    • Entity activation and tracking ranges to ensure resources are only used when they are needed
    Disclaimer & Issue Reporting
    Spigot is a high performance fork of CraftBukkit. It is not affiliated with the Bukkit project in any way, shape or form, and I ask that you please direct all support queries to the Spigot team and not the Bukkit team. Start by discussing an issue on the forums, and if it is confirmed to affect multiple people, please report them to the issue forum linked above. If an issue is identified by a Spigot team member as being a Bukkit issue, you will be forwarded appropriately.
    Spigot comes with no warranty, explicit or implied. No guarantees are made on performance gains, it is up to you as the server admin to test and find out what is best for your server.

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