[Read Me] Common mistakes, and how to get answers faster while reducing spam.

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    I am a normal forum user, but regularly maintain this category as a passion: often, new users make mistakes which slow down the proccess of replies and clog up this section. Here are the pointers I see as most important.

    In a rush?.

    Creating threads with little detail makes it hard to see your aim and puts off replyers. Try and include the following:

    - Your Aim: what should your code achieve by the time your method has finished running?

    - The code: always include source code, in context. Provide any important methods but also where they are called.

    - What's wrong? Ideally, a stacktrace will allow for a quick diagnosis. If this isn't found, state the exact issue.

    Self debugging:

    About one in five threads could have been fixed by the user themselves. A trick I use at runtime, if no stacktrace is present, is to print out every variable to check if it is as expected. If the code stops and I don't know where, adding lines which print where you're up to is a great way of finding out where things hault.


    I often read threads and don't reply because I don't know the answer, can't answer on mobile or need to do further research. However many times you sneakily repost your question, people won't just appear to answer them.

    Be sure to let me know if I should add any helpful hints here, or if I've said something you don't agree with.

    I also think it'd be great if this could be linked by you in threads that go against it, so we can all help improve the community together.
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