[READ ME] For everyone asking questions on here.

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  1. So I see a lot of people asking questions in this forum, and some things bother me a lot.

    Please use descriptive titles!
    Descriptive titles would help us a lot, because we can easily see if we can actually help you with the problem.
    Don't use something like:
    • "I need help!"
    • "Problem with my code"
    • "weird error"
    • "random crash"

    Try to be as descriptive as possible with your title,
    some nice thread titles I found on the forums are:
    • "[1.8] SkullOwner skin not rendering on head in inventory"
    • "Trying to emulate 1.7's Adventure Mode"
    • "How to detect if a snowball has hit the player."

    Explain what goes wrong:
    Explain to us what the code is supposed to do, and what it is doing right now. Don't expect that we just know what is wrong. Explain when it happens, which steps you did to cause the error or which arguments you used to make the error occur.

    Also read your own thread before you post it! Make sure it uses proper grammar, and make sure that someone that has no clue what your plugin is suppose to do, is able to understand what you're trying to accomplish. Press "Preview...", read it one or two times, it doesn't hurt you, and could help us a lot.

    Know your Java:
    Nothing bugs us more, than a person that thinks that knows it all. If you did, you wouldn't be asking something on the forums. A lot of us, have been coding Java for a while, and we can tell out of experience how experienced someone is with Java just by the question asked.

    This doesn't mean you need to know everything about Java, but you should at least know the basics. We're not here to give private Java lessons. So don't expect just getting the code on here. WE'RE NOT HERE TO SPOON-FEED! I, for example, never give code (except for very rare occasions), I only give so called "Pseudo-code". Which gives you an understanding on how to fix the problem, but it isn't actual working code. Making it work is your job.

    Here are some links to get an understanding of the basics:

    Give us sample code + stacktrace:
    You should give the code in the [ code ] tags that were ment to be used for this. Or paste/haste bin it.
    If the code is big, please only give us relevant code. We aren't looking forward having to read over 200 lines of code.
    Also give us a stacktrace if you can, again please use the [ code ]

    When you have a stacktrace, it most of the time gives the line number where the error occurs, please make sure you highlight it or point it out in a way in the code. (Even a single "// Error happens here" is day and night difference for us)

    Leave your thread alone:
    Is your problem solved? Don't you dare to remove anything of the post! :mad:
    You should see this forum as a huge database, where if people have a problem, they can look for their problem. Someone else might have the exact (or very similar) problem that you have, and might find your thread very helpful. But if you edit it to completely empty or just "Solved", it will be completely useless. Even if you figure it out on your own, just leave the thread alone.

    Best thing you can do, is prefix your thread title with [Solved]

    Don't try to hire developers here:
    Even though we have an other sticky thread made for JUST THIS REASON, but for some reason people still don't know what to do, we have a special designed forum section specifically designed for this purpose. Using this forum instead would render that forum useless. And the only thing you would end up with is people saying you should head over to that thread and ask it there.


    If I forgot anything, or got anything wrong, please reply and I'll add/change it.
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  2. Very good post
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  3. Very good post, definitely agree. I would even suggest putting (something similar to) this in a sticky on the subforum.
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  4. Good job +1 :)
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  5. Yeah can we pin this?
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  6. Actually having it least a basic understanding of java.

    Cannot stress that enough. Something I've been seeing lately is that people just think well, i'm not going to be doing something huge, so I don't need to learn it.
    Wrong. You do need to learn it. No I will not give it to you.
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  7. Very much agreed. You need to learn before you do.

    This should be sticky'd to the top of the spigot/bungeecord dev forums.
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  8. Where do you suggest one learns Java properly?
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  9. And DON'T edit out the title/post, replacing it with "solved" (or similar).

    Nothing is more frustrating than finding something that looks promising to fix your issue, only to find the OP removed all their posts, and thus their contribution to the forum.
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  10. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    "weird error"
    "random crash"

    If I had a dollar for every time I saw those two titles I would be a very rich man.
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  11. All people who reads this would be hesitate to edit their title :p @md_5 disable it :p
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  12. Added it! Thanks for the idea!

    Added this too! :)

    I think I can compete with you for getting a dollar for every person that says they know their Java. :p
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  13. I would add this at the point before a Layer 8 problem even post a thread like this

    Is your Thread in line with the guidelines? Yea -> continue; No -> RTFM
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  14. lol :p
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  15. lol....
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  16. @md_5 shouldn't you make it a sticky thread ? its a helpful topic
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  17. Agreed! @md_5 FTW! :)
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  18. On the contary. Too long of specific titles can be misleading. I suggest revising this post to just focusing on the error contents. use hastebin/pastebin to post log errors, config files, or spoilers at least.

    Also post the entire content, your plugin list if necessary, etc.
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  19. I doubt the people who will come on the forms with no (or little) java knowlege, or the people posting non-descriptive errors will read this thread, even if stickied.
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  20. I would already be happy if just one guy would read it, and would change it because of that.

    Beside that, it functions as a good reference point.
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