[READ ME] For everyone asking questions on here.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SubSide, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. So wait... Am I weird for reading stickies every time I go to a new forum or no? This is messing with my mind o_O
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  2. It would be great if most people read the stickies, I still see a lot of "help me", "I need help", "What am I doing wrong". Sometimes I see people post code straight into the post, not even using code tags or an external paste website :c

    EDIT: Just looking at the previous post of this page I saw someone ask for help & post code without tags xD
  3. Not pasting into code tags is bad especially for someone who has OCD like me. Well obviously it doesn't effect everyone but it is still quite annoying. Having something like "Stickies to the face" on the first page or basically rules would also work. If they don't read, not our problem. Just remove the post and perhaps ban.
  4. Thank you
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  5. Thanks. Very understandable
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  6. I have a question! do you know OmegaCraft? The omegacraft's prison? write /warp and it shows you a warp menu and same at /kit! Anyone knows the plugin they use?
  7. Not on topic and wrong section....
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  8. Over, and over again, I see people asking very much the same question!
    The first item on the list should be:-

    Have you searched for a thread which may hold the answer to your problem?
    Please do search for your subject key words for the past month or two before posting.
  9. Yes, this is the wrong section to post this, but to help your cause, they probably use ChestCommands and create a custom command for /warp and /kit to open a menu. Hope it helps :p
  10. Ty for your answer
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  11. I've read this post and what can I say? I used to be one these dudes that had non-informative titles, now I will change my style of explaining the problems thanks to this :D
  12. How i can sell plugins here
    i make wonderfull plugins and i want to sell them because i dont want to make them free
  13. pls say how i can do it
  14. You could've at least helped him as well, it isn't hard to just talk about the premium section.

    To sell plugins on here you must post them in the premium section. To be able to post there you have some requirements

    For the full post click here.
  15. minecraft chestplate cannot be removed from inventory i used spigot 1.8 ,1.8.8 & 1.9.4 stop all plugins still have this problem please help me & thanks
  16. maybe it's a plugin of them you have! If you checked all your plugin do /clear ** for the time and check them again
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  17. This may either be a visual bug (the item doesn't exist and when you click it it disappears) or a plugin is causing this.
    I recommend you to start a thread here with a good title and description, a list of your plugins and the version you're running for example would be very helpful.
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  18. thanks all guys i found it the plugin is SuperMenu thanks for every one try to help me
  19. *meant