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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by schufi730, May 26, 2016.

  1. I need an oppickaxes maker plugin whit:
    explosive,loot ecc
    help my pls!
  2. Essentials.
  3. how whit essentials?
  4. Essentials cannot implement Explosive enchantment, only Vanilla enchantments at a higher level (Such as level 10).

    Use the 'TokenEnchant' plugin from @vk2gpz to get you explosive, and so on, @schufi730
  5. But free plugins ?
  6. There aren't any good ones that I know of, which work on 1.9, or work at all.
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  7. @Funnytom118 i bought Token enchant i have another question Mineresetliteplus of i can set this when i make a sign it say reset in -100%
  8. Can you speak in proper english? Then some of us may be able to understand you, at least a little bit better.
  9. I bought token enchant
  10. Get CustomEnchants and please try to have better grammar next time so that people may undrstand you. After getting the plugin restart your servr and type /ce menu. It will bring up a GUI where you can select an enchant you want.