1.12.2 Reading blocks data

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  1. What is the most efficient async way of reading large amounts of blocks in world?(i dont need to edit any of them)

    I havent worked with blocks yet, so kinda new at this field
  2. What do you mean exactly?
  3. In my plugin, there will be times when i will need to iterate thrue a lot of blocks (3x3 chunks to be precies), gathering such info as block's id and rotation and stuff
  4. Are you looking for a way to do this, or a way to improve what you have currently?
  5. You can use the aSync method that comes with the bukkit API, but it's not efficient as, let's say: you scan block X and then a second later you destroy it.

    Now, it's not a big deal if you loose one or two blocks, but with a big player base it's going to be inaccurate.
  6. Perhaps something more efficient than iterating all the blocks one by one via World#getBlockAt()
  7. z2y


    Chunkshap shots its thread safe.
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