Spigot Real Time+Weather 1.0

Change player's time & weather based on their real location

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    Real Time+Weather - Change player's time & weather based on their real location

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  2. how the heck do u know how the weather is at their house

  3. you should be more concerned he can find out your weather
  4. This site knows everything about you(r weather)
  5. just wondering, this is on a per player basis? so if its raining for me, I will get a rain storm in minecraft, but someone elsewhere in the IRL world who isn't having it rain, will not have a rainstorm in minecraft?
  6. Right.

    For the player's location. (It would be pretty useless to use the server location ;))
  7. the download link is incorrect i think, it redirect to your web site.
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  8. Fixed it! Thanks for letting me know :)
  9. When I do /sun with essentials, and I look out my window it's still raining in real-life. fix plz
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  10. I also thought about making this kind of plugin, but I was too lazy, thanks that it exists anyways now!
  11. How does the 'real' server weather act, because there are effects of the weather like burning things not burning and that kind of stuff. Obviously that can't happen with the packet weather
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  12. Can you add a command to disable the plugin per player, and can you also add permissions on the plugin to be active on the player. Thanks :)
  13. This plugin does not change the time and set it to player's time. server keep changing time by it self like usually. any idea how to fix this?
  14. I get this error in console:
    Code (Text):
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]: Exception in thread "Thread-25"
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]: java.lang.NullPointerException
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]:     at java.io.StringReader.<init>(StringReader.java:50)
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]:     at org.json.simple.JSONValue.parse(JSONValue.java:50)
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]:     at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.IPUtils.stringToJSON(IPUtils.java:98)
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]:     at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.IPUtils.getWeather(IPUtils.java:92)
    [03:47:16] [Thread-25/WARN]:     at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.ReaderThread.run(ReaderThread.java:18)
  15. Same

    [05:40:33 WARN]: Exception in thread "Thread-46"
    [05:40:33 WARN]: java.lang.NullPointerException
    [05:40:33 WARN]: at java.io.StringReader.<init>(StringReader.java:50)
    [05:40:33 WARN]: at org.json.simple.JSONValue.parse(JSONValue.java:50)
    [05:40:33 WARN]: at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.IPUtils.stringToJSON(IPUtils.java:98)
    [05:40:33 WARN]: at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.IPUtils.getWeather(IPUtils.java:92)
    [05:40:33 WARN]: at de.inventivegames.realtimeweather.ReaderThread.run(ReaderThread.java:18)
  16. I tried and tried and tried some more to download it from that adf.ly, but what i tried, i could not download it. I guess you must be a millionaire by the time you read this, (cause is clicking so much on the page that my fingers bleed)
  17. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    There's a direct download link on his website...
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  18. [Ah, the helpfull person] Well, his website does show the fact he made the plugin and also a link to the plugin, but when i try that one, i guess running around in circles is what you like, i find it annoying. I return by clicking the link to Psigot.org... Shall i begin again?