Spigot RealEstate 1.2.4

Real Estate for Grief Prevention - Sell, Rent and Lease claims

  1. Currently, admin claims can be rented by admins, but the admins will get the money (no way to rent by the "server").
    This may be a new feature if I ever make some
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  3. Hey, this has now been fixed by the latest version (1.0.0)
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  4. what economy mod do you suggest that works for this
  5. I originally tested with iConomy, but then had to change for 1.14, as it wasn’t updated at the time (idk if it is now). I used GemsConomy for 1.14, but I can’t tell if it’s the best option or not.
  6. @FireCube Hello i just found something thats not very helpful for the plugin, when i rent out a claim or sub claim the person renting it can't give friends perms to build access or anything else in the claim, can you make it so the player renting it gets permissiontrust so they can give friends trust ?
  7. @Tazler that's a very good point, I'll add it probably tomorrow :) (btw, what's your server ip so I may check it out if it's public?)
  8. we are called MCBanters, BTW i don't think your modded jar is not needed as i removed your jar and used the normal jar nothing changed all still worked and still could not resize a rented area so ya but i have people ready right now to push your plugin to the limits they just can't use it without having the ability to give the renters perms to give friends perms, look forward to the update.
  9. Sorry, I got delayed and I wont be able to make it before a week or two since I won't have access to my computer for a while :/
  10. Sad Face lol
  11. Am I blind? I can't find the Modified GriefPrevention jar anywhere??
  12. 1. can already be done 2. can already be done. 3. can not be done ever 4. most of what your asking is more related to the GP plugin and can't be done as part of this plugin also the dev on this plugin has vanished for over a month now
  13. So not sure if im doing this right, but when i create an re exitoffer to get someone out of the lease or rent, if they accept, then the claim goes back to me, but i cant unclaim it because it says its ongoing a transaction
  14. have you restarted the server then attempted to unclaim it ? maybe it gets stuck still a hard save is made
  15. Could you please make it so that if the sign is set to server that all payments weather its [rent, [sell], or [lease]
    it will be payed to a configured account?

    I use TheNewEconomy and have a Server_Account which is where I would like certain payments to go.
  16. Please update this plugin to support for 1.12
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    Bug Fixes and Spigot 1.15

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  18. Hey! I have this plugin as well as the ones in the screenshot (sorry for SS) (Spigot 1.14.4) and whenever I log in after 24 hrs and right click a sign it will pop away and say that its no longer for sale. does this plugin keep the sales persistent after a server reload or reboot? it reboots @4am my time and that seems to be the crossover point to when it doesnt work anymore. thanks in advance!