Realistic Bandwidth Usage?

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  1. I am trying to figure out how much running a server really need.

    Assuming I have a good pipe, which means bursts (i.e.: tp -> massive amount of chunk data being pushed through the pipe) isn't a problem, how much does minecraft actually use per player?

    In other words, I don't really care about the "you'll want around 250kbits for each connected player so they don't lag" talk I usually tell people. I don't really care that it spikes to 75kb/s or 100kb/s when I am loading a LOT of chunk data teleporting. I don't really care that it spikes to 50kb/s when there's 20 people PVP'ing jumping around like crazy. I care more about the consistent average, "over a span of 3 busy hours, we've got around 30 people online at all time, and we used BLAH GB of bandwidth."

    Anyone have a relatively busy server who can monitor this for a bit and share some insights?
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    Last 30 days.
    Player cap currently at 275. Online at the moment 263. Average off-peak/on-peak combined I would say 175-200.
    Upload 1248.59 GB

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  3. This is great info, thank you!
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    No problem :)