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  2. i'm trying this out right now, whats the difference between isreplaced and isgenerated? isgenerated blocks seems to also be replaced as well when i'm testing it.
  3. The difference is Replaced - 1st block.
    For example, if you will change 3rd block, when u will step on the 2nd, it will transform to the 3rd. But with Replaced it where starts, it's basic block from where it all starts.
    Soon I will update and give even more customization. If you need any help feel free to ask.
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  4. ok, so here's where my confusion is coming from:

    naturally generated and player placed isgenerated blocks are also being replaced. because of that, there doesn't seem to be much functional difference between the isreplaced and isgenerated blocks. i like the scenario it creates, that the player have to be careful what they build with, but i'd also think that should be optional.

    overall i like this plugin though, i hope it sticks around :) i've never written a spigot plugin but i do have java experience if you ever want some help.
  5. Optional? What do you mean? Yes, I will change IsReplaced but that's after I will finish a new function.
  6. The part I was hoping could be optional was having player placed blocks be subjected to possible replacement. I'm pretty sure there's a system already in place to check for that, ex so endermen don't walk off with part of your house.

    Also I found last night that riding in minecarts counts too lol. Not sure how I feel about that XD. Riding animals (horses at least) trigger it too.
  7. Hm I will fix horses etc. I'm currently developing that system so you can enable/disable leaving pathes at world Guard regions
  8. Hi, I am unsure if perhaps my configuration is set up incorrectly - I have a private RP server, the city has gravel pathways and I have it configured so the gravel turns to cobble etc from there, just replacing where it said 'STONE' with 'GRAVEL' and the percentages being my sole changes. My players have a job out of picking cobble off the sidewalks and selling it at a vendor after replacing it with fresh gravel. In effect, street paving! Creative.
    But I noticed after some months that, despite stone not being present in my configuration at all, coarse dirt would turn to stone regardless of its replacement in the config. So grass would wear down but it would never turn into more proper pathways this way. Guess I'm a city slicker haha, it took me a while to figure that out. I tried adding gravel as a new entry after stone instead, and this resulted in some strange 'skipping' where cobblestone, despite being on the list would be skipped, meaning gravel would turn into mossy cobble. Since then I have reverted to my original configuration: Default config, just replace stone with gravel as neither solution worked. Judging by my tests I'm not certain it's something on my end and have come for some help. Thank you for spawning a literal economy of street paving that I never thought I'd see :) Amazing job and loved!
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