Spigot Realistic Swimming v1.20.0-BETA

Makes swimming more 'realistic'

  1. Nah I will wait for the "Official" update
  2. Hi there

    I'm trying to create a heroes race that good at swimming doesn't have stamina

    I've given them a RS.bypass.stamina permission skill but it doesn't seem to allow the characters to bypass it

    does that permission work ?
  3. Yes, it does work if you have enabled permissions in the config.
    By default, permissions are disabled and you have to enable them by setting
    Code (Text):
    Permissions required: true

    If you enable permissions, you also have to give your players the permission
    Code (Text):
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  4. Aaaa
    aaaaah ha perfect don't think I had enabled perms :)

    Thanks excellent plugin by the way

    Brings a big fear of ships sinking at sea on our server :)
  5. Would be awesome, if we could make a custom color of BossBar Staming by amount of remaining swimming point. Foe example: Orange color: 100%; Red color: 70% Dark red color: 40%; yellow color: 25%
  6. The boss bar already has different colors depending on the amount of stamina, it isn't configurable yet but that's planned.
  7. Good!
  8. HI there just a heads up, been trying to resolve a problem on my server for days - boils down to this

    spigot 1.11.2, realistic swimming 1.17

    it seems this plug checks npc movements too. so I have a few npcs about all path finding, I'm find they move really jerkily and slow, the server has been overloaded by entity ticks lagging the whole thing out.

    Ive remove swimming for the moment until I can test again, and speed up to scratch again
  9. Realistic swimming does not check NPC movement.
    Did you try it without any other plugins?
  10. yes I have quite a few been swapping them out all week and testing. could it be a conflict ? all my npcs are really jerky and slow, and cpu cycles are high for entities, as soon as I removed swimming all npcs immediately smooth moving and lag gone

    does it know the difference between a player and a citizens NPC ( not villager npc)
  11. Is the lag still there if ONLY Realistic-Swimming is installed without ANY other plugins and since when do you have this problem?

    On my server citizens works fine with Realistic-Swimming, could you show me your timings, please?

    I do not know exactly how citizens works, maybe someone else is able to help but if citizens tells the server that there is a real player, it is impossible for my plugin to know that.
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  12. SlimeDog

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    I am running Spigot 1.11.2 latest, with Citizens 2.0.21-SNAPSHOT-b1467, Sentinel 1.0-b90, and RS 1.17.0. No lag (or other) issues.

    Also running @Hmmcrunchy's Thirst. :)
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  13. I know I had an issue with my plugins finding citizens as players I had to compile it against citizens to detect it

    I'll run some more tests on my test server

    I also have npc destinations if that makes a difference so more npc movement
  14. Realistic-Swimming works fine with citizens, so the cause of the issue has to be a conflict with something else.
    I need a list of all your plugins and about one hour of timings with and without Realistic-Swimming in order to investigate the issue.
  15. No probs I'll do some test when I get a chance
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  16. Hello! Im having 1 big problem with ALL versions of this plugin. Its sounds odd, but its true. Players cant swim up and moving very slowly, if they are not sprinting while swimming. So, players just sinking to the deeps of ocean/river.
  17. Could you please give me a list of all plugins on your server?
    (You can send me a private message if you do not want to post it here)