Spigot Realistic Swimming v1.20.0-BETA

Makes swimming more 'realistic'

  1. This is the intended behaviour.
    Please set
    Code (Text):
    Enable drowning when out of stmina: false
    in the config to disable drowning.
  2. So great!Hope this plugin can use for sponge version.
  3. I am sorry but this plugin does not support sponge :(
  4. Does this include the compatibility code I added for Elytra also? If so, I'll grab this and replace my server version with this one.
  5. Yes, I somehow forgot to mention that in the changelog.
  6. If you dont have more stamina on the sea, are you dead?
    Can i configurate if you dont have more stamina go slowly and need to go out of sea.
  7. You won't die instantly if you are out of stamina on the sea.
    If you are out of stamina, you are not able to sprint anymore and if drowning is enabled in the config, you will get dragged down and drown (which usually ends deadly).
    To enable drowning, please set
    Code (Text):
    Enable drowning when out of stmina: true
    in the config (it should already be true by default).
    (Yes, there is a spelling mistake but I won't fix it because that would break all existing configs)
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  8. Can you add stamina for running and if one user eat recover or something like that.
  9. Sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, I can add this but I don't know when I will will have the time to do so.
  10. Np, i love this plugin and i think need be in all about my server. Realistic things :3 <3
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  11. Look at this timings. Any hopes on fixing this?

    Realistic-Swimming v1.19.0Total: 0.243 s Pct: 18.58%
    Pct Total Pct Tick Total Avg PerTick Count Event

    18.56% 25.56% 0.24 s 12.78 ms 0.7 0.0k Task: PermissibleBase$RemoveAttachmentRunnable(Single)

    And this...

    Realistic-Swimming v1.19.0Total: 0.872 s Pct: 66.43%
    Pct Total Pct Tick Total Avg PerTick Count Event

    34.88% 27.02% 0.46 s 13.51 ms 1.8 0.1k Task: PermissibleBase$RemoveAttachmentRunnable(Single)

    31.51% 24.51% 0.41 s 12.25 ms 1.6 0.1k RSwimListener::eek:nPlayerMoveEvent(PlayerMoveEvent)

  12. I need the complete timings report.
    • Do you use Citizens?
    • If you use Citizens, how many player NPCs do you have?
    • What are your server's cpu specs?
  13. I dont have Citizens plugin.
    I dont get it... You are asking about my server resources? Its 2x4.0Ghz Intel, RAM 8Gb, HDD 120Gb.
  14. 4+ players in water - total server freeze... TPS dropped from 19.97 to 18.26 in few seconds.
  15. I was asking for the cpu specs because some people like to run servers with hundreds of plugins on crappy cpus which obviously does not work, so I just wanted to make sure that this issue is not caused by a totally overloaded cpu.

    I have a few more questions:
    • How many players were online (including players that were not in water)?
    • Are you using the latest version of realistic swimming?
    • Which version of minecraft do you use?
    • Do you use ViaVersion or Protocollsupport?
  16. 1) 5 players online
    2) Yes
    3) Spigot 1.9.4
    4) ViaVersion
    That strange TPS leak happens not everytime, its appears very randomly, idk what can cause that.
  17. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I will try to reproduce this issue, so that I can fix it.