Spigot Realistic Torches [OpenSource] 1.4

Make torches more realistic

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    Realistic Torches - Make torches more realistic

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  2. Hi Gerolmed, it is a really nice idea! :love:

    Could you add an option to choose which material is replaced by (to replace by air, for instance)?
  3. Yep i can do that! Although i think that as soon as the "unlit torches" are actual unlit torches (if you break them and place them it will be saved), that would be unnecessary.

    I will probably add a toggle option for air, because other materials might require additional blockdata.
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  4. Hi! I'm using your plugin on my "realistic" 1.13.2 spigot server... It works fine, only the issue that even permanent torches fade away....
    Thank you very much for the good work!

  5. Ok I will look and fix it asap. Can you send me the contents of your config? (If you changed something in there that is).
    Thanks ^_^
  6. Here I am with config:

    #Time until torch will be unlit
    resetTime: 300
    #The name of the permanent torch
    permaTorch: "&fPermanent Torch"
    #Should the players be able to craft the permanent torch?
    enableCrafting: true
    #Use coal blocks instead of coal for crafting?
    expensiveCrafting: false

    #If players with this permission place torches they will not go out.
    #If those torches are broken they will turn into normal torches.
    #Permanent torches behave as usual.
    permanentPermission: "torch.permanent"
    #Should the permission be enabled. If false the permission will not be used
    enablePermanentPermission: true

    #If players with game mode creative place torches they will not go out.
    #If those torches are broken they will turn into normal torches.
    #Permanent torches behave as usual.
    enableCreativePermanent: true

    #Make torches to air instead of redstone torch
    makeAir: false

    Thanks a Lot! ;)
  7. In any way enableCrafting:true or false player can craft the permanent torch, but it expires after the resetTime, true or false nothing changes..

    Thank You very much!
  8. As a quick help: Your config is outdated. I forgot to update the one in the spoiler (now updated). There is a new line for the unlit torch name.
    I will do a small config auto updater for the next update. Thanks for letting me know.
    This should solve atleast one of your issues. Although I think it should be both.
  9. Thank you so much! I’ll try soon!
  10. Uploaded new release, pasted new config, but still permanent fade away. I think it's because 1.13.2
  11. I'll see what I can do!
  12. Wow, such a nice idea, any chance you could update update for 1.14.3?
    And could you please make torches turn off when hit by rain? it'd be awesome!

    Have a nice day!
  13. Does 1.14.3 not have backwards support? I'll check that out. The rain thing is a very good idea. Ill definitely add that :D
  14. Great to hear, thanks for the quick answer!

    I don't know what you mean by backwards support in this context, but they changed the way torches are handled (now there isnt a lit and unlit torch block, there is an api to activate or not, and i think that could be the problem). The visible bug is that when you use it on 1.14.3 it spawns a redstone torch instead.

    Also, another idea i just got, could you add a time range for the torches to turn off, instead of a fixed time? It'd add a bit more realism and make it more dynamic.
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  15. So first of all: there is sadly no way to make torches unlit in minecraft without unstable bugs. That's why I decided to use redstone torches instead cause they where the closest I found. Another idea would have been using an armourstand, but that would only cause problems with removing the torch.
    I will try it out on a 1.14 server. A time range... good idea.
    What do you think of offering the option to input something like "60-90" as the time (alternatively to a static time? Would that fit what you wnat
  16. Yeah that'd be awesome. Oh, i thought that with a plugin you could make an unlit redstone torch, my bad. Could you please add a comment to the line that sets the redstone torch when the normal torch goes out?

    I'll try to add compatibility to make a mushroomblock with custom torch texture, looking like a turned off torch, using an api from https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...-textures-recipes-triggers-1-8-1-14-☄️.63848/
    once the author updates it :)