Premium Realistic Water Mechanics (1.16-1.18) [Paid]

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  1. It's ZIP with 3 Jar plugins
    • Realistic waters for 1.8-1.13
    • Realistic waters for 1.14
    • Realistic waters for 1.14 (BETA)
  2. I left the server for a while in the hands of a handler, who I thought was keeping an eye on things. Came back to water blocks all over the landscape. In some places several blocks high.

    Any advice on what may have been misconfigured, and how I can get rid of all this water?
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  3. looks like either grief or big over-configuration of rain, you could use WorldEdit's //drain command
  4. Is there a way to empty a space that is occupied by water(like a small pool of water)? Currently, I can only remove the water by filling up the space with other blocks and then destroying them. There is no way to use a bucket to empty out the water?
  5. No, currently the esiest way is to replace with blocks and remove those blocks. Buckets will take the water, but it will take a lot longer
  6. Are you using the Beta 1.14.4 version? I was actually using that, but the same thing happened to me. Maybe it's a bug in the beta?
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  7. Any chance of you adding buckets that can hold more water or would that be too difficult or game-breaking? Thank your for the answer =D
  8. I tried turning on puddles yesterday when I first installed the beta version and the puddles would form but eventually, they started merging and forming small rivers. I almost flooded my house, but I managed to disable the plugin just in time.

    But yeah the puddles seem buggy they sort of don't drain and the puddles on trees and rooftops of houses just stay there and start flowing and sometimes getting bigger.
  9. Will keep this in mind. Currently I'm studying and don't have any time. (That's why I gave LuckPermsGUI away)
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  10. Take your time! I bought the plugin to help support your vision. The regular version works fine, I've only noticed the over-watering occurring with the Beta version. @zokamoka and @Govindas Thanks for confirming it's a bug in the beta version!
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  11. In the past year in university I learned a lot and my programming skills got a lot improved, BETA version will not only be much faster, but cleaner and better to implement new features
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  12. can you please make it not rain on leaves blocks? it's reallyy annoying, the water often gets stuck midair when trying to flow down from a tall tree and water on leaves look weird OR make different mechanic, so water can flow down through leaves as if it would be air, that would be more realistic

    EDIT: this is what I mean[​IMG]

    EDIT 2: oh I just noticed there is an don't rain on x option, so you can at least take my suggestion that water should be able to flow through leaves and fix the bug of water getting stuck mid-air
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  13. Hey when is this coming to 1.15.1
    And why was the Lava version of this not approved for us to use?
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  14. I didn't know it isn't compatible with 1.15.1, will be updating it soon then

    Lava wasn't approved by spigot admins, and there is no way to implement it to the plugin without remaking all it
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  15. when's update?
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  16. Awesome plugin, when's the update? looking forward to the update!
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  17. still waiting on update.. I really need feature where rain would only refill water, but not create puddles.
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  18. since this plugin has API, I think I'll try to make own rain system and disable default one, that'll be better, since no update is coming
  19. 2 bugs found:
    - if you put lowest water bucket in a cauldron, you can duplicate water and get full block of water this way. breaks the purpose of finite water (I'll make a script to fix this)

    - if you collect water with multiple buckets in hand while your inventory is full, you lose buckets (I'll make a script to fix this too)
  20. AsVaidas updated Realistic Water Mechanics (1.12 - 1.14) with a new update entry:

    v1.9.5 BETA update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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