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    RealisticNetherGenerator - You ever want an realistic like Nether? With cool Dungeons? Try out RealisticNetherGenerator!

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  2. Will there be custom dungeons and the possibility of putting our own with schematics?
  3. In future, yes
  4. How did you manage to put that all in only 14kb?
  5. Im god xD
  6. I've used Epic Nether Generator in the past and my players complain about not having quartz and soul sand in the nether. So I wanted to try something new I love the plugin so far everything looks to the way i'd want my nether. However there are no naturally occurring pigman in realisticnethergenerator atleast for me on my server their's not. Cant tell if you just haven't added that part yet or theres a bug with 1.11.2. Please add the naturally occurring pigman be an amazing addon for any server. Thank You
  7. In my tests on 1.8 it had worked like a charm and ZombiePigmans has also spawned. Have you also set the Environment of the world to nether if it is not the nether-world?
  8. Yes, I did set the environment to my nether world. There's also no wither skeletons naturally spawning either. I see blaze spawners though.
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  9. Than you should do that, else it wont spawn Nether-Mobs
  10. What? I already said Yes I did that???
    I thought I got it to work the first time but that was false because I still had epicnethergenerator on. So i've never got your nether generator to work yet.
    When I try to create the world with Multiverse it says invalid generator tried Realistic_Nether too.
    Code (Text):

    for my bukkit.yml I added this
        generator: Realistic_Nether
    I cant tell if your instructions are just wrong or what please rewrite a usable user guide.. Have Realistic_Nether and /mv create <worldname> NETHER -g Realistic_World
    WTF is it Realistic_World or Realistic_Nether?????


    Has anyone else got this to work or am I the only person trying to get this to work?
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  11. Sorry, my fault i had forgotten to change this values, because its near the same as Realistic_World. You have only to replace Realistic_World with Realistic_Nether
  12. Alright I finally got the nether generator to generator properly. However still no naturally occurring mobs no wither skeletons, ghasts, or pigmen. I remade world and put epicnethergenerator in and regenated world and there is wither skeletons ghasta and pigment naturally spawning in that just fine. Then i delete world and delete plugin and put RNG in and recreate world but no mobs minus the blaze spawners. What could be causing this? Minus the mob spawning issue. The generator looks great.
    Also is it possible to change the chest settings cause I found tower dungeon thing i opened first chest and theres 7 nether stars in the first chest i opened lol...? Would be nice to be able to change what loot spawns and how often. 7 Nether stars is worth a TON of money of my factions server and can potentially ruin my economy i setup. There is 16 nether stars in this other tower between 2 chest I found lol that needs to be fixed. Nether stars are for beacons they should be aleast somewhat rare.
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  13. After flying around for about 15 minutes I finally found a pigman all by himself. Why would the spawn rate be so bad? With EpicNetherGenerator they are everywhere.
  14. Seems to be an problem with the natural Mob-Spawning, i will do testing on it :)
  15. Hi author i need to tell you i manage one server and i have acces on his plugins and developer on that server says that there was an issue in plugin.yml, caused by author, and maybe you doesnt know your main class :))" Thats what i hear about him. My question is do you will update this Nether to 1.12 and maybe include some new epic usefull on this? Thanks
  16. Yep, I know about that problem in the last version^^ An update will follow soon
  17. plz update to 1.12
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  18. Update is on the way :)
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  19. how is realistic nether possible if nether is not real?