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  1. When we will get the next release?
  2. @SyntaxPhoenix Do you have an estimate about when we can expect a stable 1.14 version of the plugin?
  3. We are currently working on a rewrite of the plugin to make it overall more stable, which is planned for fall this year
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  4. Alright! Thanks for the answer!
  5. SyntaxPhoenix updated RealisticWorldGenerator with a new update entry:

    Finally working

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Don't work on 1.14.3?
  7. 4.1.5 and so on work on 1.14.3, but some methods are not supported by that version
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  8. We checked it again. It also runs under 1.14.3, so we will correct that now
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  9. You just updated this and it DID work for 1.14.3 before the most recent update now it doesn't...
  10. It didn't worked with a fully clean setup with only RWG that's why we removed the support for it temporary
  11. And pregeneration didn't worked at all but only on 1.14.3
  12. It legit worked and still works perfectly fine for me. I only have RWG, MV and Worldborder on latest paper #123
  13. Hey yellowphoenix18, love your constant updates. You and your team are amazing. ^_^

    I am wondering about something. Does the default templates include all of the latest 1.13 and 1.14 biome stuff? For example, does the generator generate Pillager towers and Pillagers. Also, does it generate Bamboo forests and pandas, as well as other stuff like berries, etc? Or would I need to add those in manually to the templates?
  14. Hey,
    so at the moment 1.14 is running in compatibility-mode. This defines the phase, where we had made the generator gunnable on that version, but we need to fix bugs etc.. So at the moment you would need to add them on your own :)

    But 1.13 has all Aquatic-Features included :)
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  15. Thank you for the response! ♥ Also, do you happen to have Patreon?
  16. No,
    we have no Patreon :)
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  17. Alrighty.

    By the way, sorry one last question. I tried saving a schematic, following the instructions in the Wiki, but i doesn't seem to work.

    I tried the following:

    1. Create bamboo tree on flat surface.
    2. Use /rwg position then selected point 1 and 2.
    3. Use /rwg saveSchematic bamboo_tree_1 and it loads up the help text.

    I also tried using /rwg schematic save bamboo_tree_1 but it says: "Not enough arguments to run subcommand 'schematic save'! [args missing: 1]
  18. Hey, some things had changed. The wiki is still outdated(I'm sorry for that) and is for v3, where the schematic-system was different. Please use /rwg help for help with that commands, that will give you an overview of what you need to do :)
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