Premium RealisticWorldGenerator [1.8.8 - 1.18] [Paid]

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  1. Awesome, I got it figured out. Thank you.

    For others who are looking for this solution, I got it to work like this:

    1. With wand, click on first position, then type /rwg position 1.
    2. Click on second position, then type /rwg position 2.
    3. Type /rwg schematic save nameofthing overworld for overworld structure.
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  2. Quick question here. I am very interested in purchasing. Multiverse has always been my go to for multiworld support. Can I ask why it is listed as not recommended?

  3. It has problems with async generation and is much slower then the bukkit.yml or Multiworld-Method
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  4. If I used the bukkit.yml method and then imported the world to MV would it solve the issue?
  5. No, as Multiverse still handles the world-generation. Multiworld is a pretty good competitor with much more features and it's more stable at all.

    We highly recommend to use it, as their code is working since 2016 without problems
  6. Can I create a pirate world with massive oceans and islands of different biomes and a sky world with floating islands? I need to know, because If I can I will buy.
  7. Any news about the work in 1.14.3?
  8. Hello, RWG is not capable of creating skylands, sorry :/

    But a pirate-world would be possible :)
  9. 4.1.5 is supporting it and we try to get it back running :)
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  10. How do i download that version?
  11. Go to version-history and search for that version and click download in the row of that version in the table
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  12. Does anyone know if MultiWorld works in 1.14.3? I read that it is recommended to use it but since 2015 it is not updated
  13. There some updates on github, but all in all you can just use it :)
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  14. Hey I need some support with the plugin, I installed how instructed and am running newest version of spigot on a 1.14.3 server and when I deleted the worlds I had and stopped and started the server the generator doesn't change the new world and I am kicked after a couple seconds after loading in the world.
  15. Hmm, 1.14.3 has some problems prob our newest version. Beat way would to open a ticket, then our support-team will take a look onto it :)

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  16. Habe eine Frage, gibt es auch erze?
  17. Klar, wieso sollte es die nicht geben?
  18. 1.14.3 support in this version?
  19. Nope, 1.14.3 is still pretty unreliable. 1.14.2 is more stable. We recommend to use 1.14.2 with ViaVersion