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  1. Man, Iam the Developer of this Software... xD
  2. can you make a Plugin for Random Tree generator for set every diferent trees in all worlds for example and disable worlds in the config ?!
  3. Can you explain that a bit more?
  4. Hmm for example you Placebo a selig and war for the Tree and Here it's the Random gen plugins on work Makes auf Random Tree or a normal Minecraft Tree ist Don't Know woot i can explain that
  5. This issues got fixed now^^ My server was down since yesterday 13PM GMT^^
  6. Are dungeons and the stronghold generating in this version? @YellowPhoenix18
  7. Why not? As long as it is written on the MainThread, the newest version will include the Features, that are written in MainThread
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  8. @SomeonePIX @Waroth @RAzzerVN @Arrandir @StonurDewd @OpvpYT @MerlinK11 @madwolfpack

    Hello guys, this should only be an short info for my active buyers, im currently working on RWG v4 which will include an better Biome-Generation, as an demo I have designed the new Mesa-Biome which is not fully designed, but an good example for the new generation.

    If you want to have more infos about the new Update you should check out my Twitter at

    Hopefully everyone of you likes this Update!

    King regards,
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  9. Really liking that biome. Can't wait to see it in action in my world. Everyone so far has been especially pleased with the way the world generates now.
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  10. the little bit Problem is this Plugin it's hevy for the Server Performance use by generate chuncks hevy moch Ram from Server is not so good is it fixable ?
  11. Normaly the plugin is very stable, but due many players it can use much CPU-Usage, RAM should not be that problem. To fix that it is an option to Pre-Generate the world :)
  12. Just a thought, but have ya tried to lower the cave generation? I don't have a very powerful server, but it seems to push it just fine. In the beginning I was having some lag issues happening at what i thought was random. I played with the settings and the cave generation was something that really helped me. I run 36 plugins including this one, server usually hangs about 700mb-1.6gb ram. linode host.
  13. Now my question:
    I noticed in the settings there was something about "grow sepplings". will this spawn the trees that the map generates? I currently run OwnGarden to help with this, but that setting had me curious and well TLDR.
  14. Yep, my plugin has the ability to change the trees, that grow out of sapplings :)
  15. Maybe an long time ago, but now in v4 you will get it: The better noise-filters:


    Hopefully you like it :)
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  16. You solved it with some cellular noise? Awesome, will try it out asap.
  17. Yes, but currently im not fully ready, planned release is November, 15th