really cheap .com domains

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  1. ovh is currently selling .com domains for around $1. Amazing if your too poor to get a .com domain normally lol
  2. Damn, just bought com from namecheap to connect to the ovh server
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    I don't see anything about this on the site.
  4. Its on
  5. No you don't.... You buy it for 1 year...
  6. doh


  7. GoDaddy and NameCheap are a little clickbait, but well worth it in my opinion. Really good support on both ends.
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  8. I really like name cheap, almost a year with them. Didn't have any trouble, and the $2 ssl protection for the first year is pretty cool :D
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  9. How though? I've had only good experiences with them.
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  10. The layout, their support, everything, lol.
  11. GoDaddy has never caused me any problems. I would vouch for them any time.
  12. You're gonna have to be more specific than that if you're going to criticize one of the largest domain providers in the world.
  13. I think that guy and I share the same feeling. We get triggered whenever we see "daddy" ;)
  14. Well, I guess everybody has different personal opinions, I honestly prefer Namecheap, but if GoDaddy works best for you then I don't have anything against that. It's just that my personal experiences with them haven't been the best.

    Sorry if I came out as rude or anything :p
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    GoDaddy are /okay/, biggest advice is if you use their services, move your DNS elsewhere, such as afraid DNS or CloudFlare, I personally love cloudflares DNS systems and have never had any issues, however I know not all people love them and afraid (which is a lot more down to the bone) might be more ideal, or just host them yourself if you really have the courage (Not something I really recommend for a beginner, but meh) (and if you're skimping on cash, this option is most likely out of your league), I always had issues with GoDaddys DNS servers being shite, however moving them away and I've not really had much trouble.

    Imho, If you can't afford a .com normally, don't go for any of these deals, they'll generally hit you later when it comes to renewal.
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