Really good prices on French Servers OVH DDOS Protection Reseller

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  1. I found a really good prices on minecraft servers. They have the PRO and Dédié lines. They both look like shared hosting. The main difference seems to be the cpu type. E5 @ 3.2GHz and what looks like the game lineup a 4790K @ 4.4GHz. Someone should bite and see if they are any good.

    Xeon E5 @ 3.2GHz
    5€ for 4GB
    9€ for 8GB
    17€ for 16GB
    30€ for 32GB
    Comes with a free 32 slot teamspeak

    Intel i7-4790K (4c/8t @ 4,4GHz)
    30€ for 16GB
    40€ for 32GB
    70€ for 64GB
    Comes with a 64 slot teamspeak.
  2. Just like any other shared hosting.
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  3. The i7-4790k only supports 32GB RAM max, so there's obviously something fishy going on.
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  4. RSNET-Radic


    Are you by any chance affiliated with them?
  5. They use OVH machines. Did a domain search, considering the domain is like 1 month old, probably a new firm. But any firm that markets itself as come to us we have the cheapest prices is exactly that... cheep. I wouldn't expect much from them, but then again I could be wrong.

    Edit: Who starts a company website without using WHOIS guard....
  6. I like how they list "PAS D'ACCES SSH" as a "feature" but actually that means that you don't have ssh access??
  7. Nope no affiliation. Just came across this deal and thought I'd post since its pretty cheap for a EU location.