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  1. hi we are having some lag problems tps dropping very low when we hit 30-40 player here is our very short timings
    and these are our long timings if some one could help us find what is causing the issue i would really appreciate it.
    also you can look at these
    Clear Lag:
    we are running on a dedicated server the spec are
    CPU: I7 4790K
    SSD 512GB
    RAM 17GB
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  2. Some nice optimization settings you have there ;)
  3. Just gotta ramp up the optimization or get some more resources.
  4. Please explain what optimization option needs to be "ramp up"
  5. electronicboy

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    Looks like an entity issue, However this is not the support site for paper, We don't support forks here.
  6. Not being funny but I swear people are retarded here... Paper is spigot just with a few extra Optimizations. Without papers optimizations the server wouldn't even be able to get to 30 players without having major tps problems.

    By your "logic" you are saying paper is causing the lag because the only thing paper dose is add optimization settings into spigot....

    Like... "However this is not the support site for paper" .... Paper is spigot... If the server has lag problem on paper it will 100% lag on spigot to because its the same thing.... -_- Same with plugins.

    If I was reporting a bug that paper had or asking about paper Otpmization settings then I could understand... But telling me you dont support paper when the lag problem is based with the minecraft server itself is just idiotic.

    Another thing

    "Looks like an entity issue" Nooo shit sir... Well done you can point out the obvious
  7. electronicboy

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    Paper is NOT spigot, Paper is a FORK of Spigot. If you can't run a server with 30 players without having TPS problems you're either running a super crappy setup or your hardware is crap.

    Would you expect Mojang to help you with CraftBukkit? Because it's the exact same thing, You're not running a version of the server software which has been created by the team here. How are we supposed to know that Paper somehow hasn't had an issue and could potentially be the cause of this due to a patch they've done?

    If you know it's an entity issue, Why not look into what is causing the issue instead of bitching on here. In specific, I would look out for hoppers in large arrays or ones that could potentially cause a loop, as well as guardians, they appear to be the major issues from your timings.
  8. Guardians are high because of a shit ton of guardians but i can't limit guardians cause spigot doesn't have a option for them. Same with hoppers. Loads of people use them for there farms. I've changed the tick rate in the spigot.yml but that doesn't make a difference.. This is why I came to spigot because I've spoken to my dev and myself and theres fuck all i can do... The only answer is if there is a magical optmized jar or a magical optmized plugin what will fix the hopper lag / limit Guardians. Theres a also a big difference between mojang server and spigot. Paper and spigot have very little changes...

    +Server is running i7 4790k with ssd :p
  9. So then we support spoons? o_O

  10. Ironic how we are a fork, lol.