Really need those imports..

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  1. Hello, which plugin can i find these imports:

    -import com.sk89q.intake..
    -import org.mcstats.MetricsLite;

  2. Is the author of worldedit. Might be worldedit.
    Mcstats is a plugin as well
  3. I have imported worldedit, and worldguard. No result.
  4. I'm just thinking its probably one of sk89q's famous plugins have you tried craftbook?
  5. Still not working ;(
  6. Currently, Intake is available in sk89q's Maven repository:

    Code (Text):
    You can also export the github project and compile it.
  7. ??
  8. Maven is a dependency manager, you should learn about it.

    And I now assume you know Java, and if not, learn it. We won't help you if not.
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  10. Dudes, common. Why wouldn't you just help him? I need that project done by monday. Its a dupe glitch with Auctions and he need to modify the code so if a player is in gamemode creative they won't recive the items back if no one bid on the auciton. Its for my survival server (270 players) if that have something to say..

    @kowagatte @stoneminer02 @ChefJava please :)
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  11. 1. You don't have to tag them, they will receive a notification whenever something is posted on this thread because XenForo makes it so you'll automatically watch a thread when you replied to it.
    2. They do help, asking him to learn Java to do plugins coded with Java. You can't build a house without nails and wood.