Spigot RealPing ~ Lightweight & Customizable 1.1

A simple ping plugin

  1. Bungee support?
  2. Hello,I like this plugin.i want to post this powerful plugin on bbs in China.
    i did not change this plugin.
    allow me?
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  3. Issue: "realping.ping.others" doesn't work, it will not allow a player to check another player's ping. You're lucky I didn't choose to write a bad review, instead, I chose to post an inquiry on the discussion page. Please fix this as soon as possible.
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  4. <3 Thank you!
  5. Another issue has arisen. The permission is fixed, and it works, but every time you try the /ping (player) command on another player, it will tell you their ping, and then display a message right after saying that player could not be found.
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  6. It works but it is just very inconvenient, and looks messy and unprofessional.
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  7. I know that this may be considered to be bumping, but realping.ping.others doesn't work. Thanks for everything! Again sorry for bumping this. @eUipKh
  8. Hey, are you sure you have the latest version of the plugin (1.0.4)?