Bungee - Spigot RealScoreboard (1.13 to 1.17) 17-9-2021 Build 1

Lightweight and efficient scoreboard manager.

  1. JoseGamer_PT updated RealScoreboard (1.13 to 1.16.5) with a new update entry:

    RealScoreboard is now ASYNC & LuckPerms fix

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  2. Any chance of adding a more standard hex code support? Iridium is neat but most plugins just use #ffffff or &#ffffff, so when you pull a placeholder with hex, realscoreboard doesn't parse it and just spits out the hex code. Everything from essentials to most chat plugins seem to handle them like I've described. Or a way to strip that out if it can't be parsed!
  3. Do you have any library suggestion?
  4. The thing is that i have to support CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paper
    I´m not sure if that is compatible with all of that
  5. True, although I think craftbukkit is like under 5% of all servers currently running and Spigot+Paper should have the same requirements. Would be nice to see in a more modern Minecraft era!
  6. hi
    can you add %player_food% ?
    for food level
  7. JoseGamer_PT updated RealScoreboard (1.13 to 1.16.5) with a new update entry:

    Quality of life updates & Update Checker.

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  8. i was wondering if this plugin can have 2 scoreboards on-screen.

    i.e: left/top/right placements left scoreboard could show stats for a minigame of sorts. the right scoreboard shows info for skills
    includeing a priority system per-scoreboard

    then you could have in the left scoreboard objectives (flag captures, deaths, kills)

    the right scoreboard shows skill types and levels.

    both scoreboards can be on-screen at same time bc they are not in the same place as each other.

    custom placement on-screen click-hold + drag to where you want it.

    if doesnt support this please do it will make it seriously 1000x better. ;P

    (most likely limitations from server side, a client side mod would most likely be required for this part below) i almost forgot if at all possible chrome style tabbing to tab/click gui tab to switch between scoreboards that stack in the same place.

    if youve played runescape since the rs3/gui update you know what im talking about.

    us 2 server owners of 2 diff servers are really wanting (multi-scoreboard support) not multi-objective in 1 scoreboard (blegh limitation)
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  9. So you are requesting 2 scoreboards one on the right and one on the left?
  10. JoseGamer_PT updated RealScoreboard (1.13 to 1.16.5) with a new update entry:

    Multiple Boards per World, Config Structure changed, Per Player Async Task!

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  12. Are you using any Placeholder from PlaceholderAPI?
  13. Love this plugin and have been using it for a while. Is there anyway I can display the amount of players online excluding people in vanish or could this be added?
  14. If you use a Vanish Plugin that supports placeholderapi, you can use the plugins placeholders in the scoreboard!
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