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Support Ticket System

  1. What does it mean? (if the player is a staff)

    if you add a player to the staff /rs staff add <player> than can the player execute the commands
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  2. What are the permission nodes???? i can not find them Good Plugin tho!! nice work
  3. thre isnt many permissions nodes look closer at the commands it list them
    need to add staff manually to the plugin
  4. next update will be an option you can use both, permission node and adding trough command
  5. for adding an player to the staff you have to do that with an command (will be changed in the next update)

    and all other permissions are on the main page
  6. Is there a possibility for language support? Would like to adapt the help and the Gui to my server language.
  7. Any plans for 1.14.1 update?
  8. SlimeDog


    Spigot 1.14.2 was released today.
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  9. Update for 1.14.* are coming soon
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  10. Hey, can you update your page to show the permission nodes please, there not correct and I had to guess them as there is zero indication as to what the nodes for creating the tickets and what not are.
  11. I will put that on my list. I'm currently re writing the hole plugin
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  12. Looked promising, but (at least in paper 1.14):
    -No error messages when you aren't staff and try to open the staff menu you don't get error messages.
    -trying to see the messages in the gui while of a closed ticket causes a nullpointer
    -A player can't add new messages once they've sent the ticket
    -the permission nodes on the plugin description should be fixed
    -You send messages to the console when you purge but don't state the plugin name.

    Overall, it could be good, but it seems very unpolished, specially for a plugin with 5 stars. I found all this problems within 3 minutes of using this plugin. Can't help but wonder if there will be other hidden errors /backend performance issues.

    I wish you good luck, but to be honest at this time I can't recommended this plugin.