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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by dogboy60, May 21, 2017.

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  1. Recently I and some other developers on here have found out there has been a surplus of piracy websites.
    hundreds of plugins have been leaked. I ask my fellow developers to report the sites to the host provider and domain provider. we have discovered these sites use GoDaddy and CloudFlare though not the direct host.

    Sites that are leaking plugins:

    report at:
    GoDaddy: [email protected]

    Many of my fellow developers have had their spigot server plugins( programs) leaked on these websites for people to download for free, though they cost money, in addition, no credit is given. Though"infiniteleaks" is another website that does the same as "blackspigot".My work was the credit card plugin leaked on "blackspigot"
    the information page was also the same exact. I had decompiled the leaked program found on "blackspigot" the code was the exactly the same. In addition in my TOS, I specified

    Blackspigot: http://***************/resources/creditcard-release-on-sale.2669/
    Spigot(my post of program):

    " By downloading/buying this plugin you agree to the following:
    1. You will not redistribute/forward/send this plugin to anyone for any reason unless I dogboy602k approve it (number 4).
    2. You will not get a refund under any circumstances.
    3. You may not decompile or attempt to look at the source code, if a modded version is needed, contact me.
    4. This plugin may only be used on one server unless you have a statement from me stating that you may use it on more.
    5. Please contact me before leaving a bad review because of errors and such.
    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher. In no manner should the plugin or program, “CreditCard” be decompiled or reverse-engineered. No resale of this plugin can be made. No re-distribution of any sort. The plugin buyer cannot open a chargeback via PayPal. By downloading and buying this plugin you accept the TOS."

    This is a clear violation of not only your policies but also Chapter 11: Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright instated by the United States government.

    The plugin is supposed to allow players to take loans etc and have essentially a credit card, with pin numbers, interest etc.
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  2. All leaking sites i have found,

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  3. I have a question do you know an plugin when a say somebody his name in the chat on minecraft his name is in color red or green or yellow
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  4. And you think it is a good idea to post these links here? So these sites are getting more and more users downloading the leaked stuff?
    It is useless to report these sites, if you take one down two new sites will rise up.
    Simply don't advertise them and bring them new users...
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  5. Posting it here in my personal humble opinion really only invites people to go check it out - for the wrong reasons.
    And sure, you can make the argument "they could also just google for it", it doesn't mean you have to help facilitate that.

    By the way, it won't be the first time someone loses all their stuff just because they used a download from unofficial sources. The crap people put in those .jar files ..
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  6. To be honest, you can't do anything against those leaks.
    Even if you report it to the provider, you can't tell them to take down the hole website because they have some jar files that they don't own.
    -> How do you tell them that you own the jar files? The Author at the Plugin.yml won't tell them that you made it.
    Stupid *NOT* Similar Example: "you can't tell star bucks to remove their new coffee because your store has the same."
    That's basically life, ideas get copied everywhere.

    And even if they take down the website, the website owners can easily create a new domain somewhere else create a new server, and upload the same stuff again.

    And yes i know how you feel like > "Dangit someone got my files uploaded somewhere else i have to remove them somehow".

    Edit: I would also remove the urls from the post above, otherwise some leak searching people can still find with some post tags the post that you posted and will find out the list of available websites.
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  7. Go ahead, open a "star bux" in san francisco or new york and sell a variety of coffee and iced drinks. Let me know how that went :)
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  8. Obviously you can't have a monopoly on coffee but you can take down a corporation that steals your logo and actual work. Your example isn't exactly similar as they're uploading the same exact work - it can be taken down if someone wants to drop $200 per DMCA takedown.
  9. Yep sure, if you want you can still pay the 200$ but that actually won't make the domain registered people to stop what he does ^^
    And yes that was basically more a different stupid example ( my bad xd)
  10. I hate the fact that people aren't willing to support the very people who make plugins and will leak plugins for the cheap penny pinchers. There is a price on a plugin for a reason (unless the developer is greedy). It's because some guy out there in the world poured tens possibly hundreds of hours into creating something for a game that they love.

    If only there was an easier way to take down these leaked plugins and prevent them from being leaked in the first place. :oops::mad:

    (And for the record I agree that the post mentioning the leaked plugin sites should be removed)
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  11. When I see a thread like this, i just think.. that's just someone from those sites that comes here and posts the urls to spam their site they are involved in .. hiding behind the idea of like 'oh look what occurs on the internet, so bad, what a shame'.
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  12. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator

    I've removed the links from the this page. Let's try to keep links to sites that distribute pirated software off of SpigotMC.
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