Recode Slime Fun

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Alex0589, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. So as all of you should know SlimeFun is one of the best bukkit / spigot plugins ever made, but just try to look at it's source code and you'll cry.(I don't blame the author as that project started in 2013 and we all did some vomit code). I was thinking about recoding it. So I want to ask if I can and how much time do you think it's going to take
  2. Of course you can, and it wouldn't exactly be a 1-day project. I'd estimate a good month to get the basics going well, if you put 5h/day into it in Java (Kotlin really is amazing in how it makes stuff take less time due to less and safer code, as a little tip).
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    Sounds cool, once you get started open source it and id be glad to help :3