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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some VPN recommendations. I would prefer one that will work with Minecraft because I am currently not able to have my VPN in use while playing.
  2. I don't think a VPN is suitable for any Game Environments.
    With any VPN, speeds will suffer due to the TAP adapter that is installed. Since being a "virtual" adapter. When PIA is installed, so is a virtual Ethernet adapter (the TAP adapter) Unfortunately, like with all VPNs, this speed is limited. Once the speed reaches approx 200 Mbps your CPU will begin to take a heavy load. So if you are accustomed to a faster rate of speed such as a Gbps, currently there is not a TAP adapter in existence that will run at that speed.
  3. The problem that I'm having is that I'm not able to log into my account when I have a VPN active. I believe Mojang blocks VPN connections, but I heard someone able to use a VPN and play Minecraft.
  4. I don't think the EODSteven guy knows what he is talking about, but he is on the right track - just the wrong forum to talk about gigabit speeds.

    Your VPN will only reach speeds as fast as the VPN server allows for (not the tap adapter - it is efficient low latency). Then your latency is also determined by how far away you are from the VPNs server along with the type of compression/encryption used.

    For gaming on minecraft VPNs work great & are usually just fine. Bungee proxies are essentially like a vpn (proxy) anyway. If you want the best speeds mullvan & pia both usually work up to around 50Mbps from my testing. All you'll be using when gaming is around 1Mbps & lower. I prefer mullvad for privacy & better uptime.
  5. I guess your right @Cisnet . This being a Forum about Servers, (Spigot) I assumed Op was talking about running a Server with a VPN. Op added additional information that you benefited from.
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  6. Just go to Mojang and verify your account with the VPN active.
  7. Tunnelbear works very good for me and I can recommend it
  8. I use HideMyAss and it works great. Has a VPN in every U.S. state. Though a residential VPN would be the best for bypassing anti VPNs on servers.
  9. please this is worse than hotspotshield. everything you do is logged.
  10. I would use tunnel bear but I don't think it works with Minecraft you'll have to try. It doesn't work with some TeamSpeak servers.
  11. I would suggest PIA & mullvad as the only VPNs I can trust with anything. Mainly mullvad. Tunnelbear was bought by mcafee - should say the rest.
  12. Oh God. I wasn't aware! Punish me for my sins!
  13. sad because tunnelbead was a decent vpn for average users.
  14. I agree with Cisnet above. Mullvad is pretty good. You don't make an account Just this long ass Account ID that will never be given to you again and you just log into that ID and pay for it. And if you want to hide yourself even more you can mail them money and your account ID and when they receive it they will give the account Hours.
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    PrivateInternetAccess. Been using it for a few years. Servers in my area are always fast, no issues when playing fast paced FPS games. They have a good reputation with privacy/anonymity.
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  16. I can only further agree with what @MikeA has said. Great company. Cheap, many locations, no connection problems, negligible latency and the ability to pay with Bitcoin.

    Furthermore, the apps are amazing for both Windows and Android (can't get it working on Ubuntu). It has a built-in ad-blocker and the ability to change the connection protocol (TCP on port 443 is great when college WiFi has VPNs blocked).
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    Their MACE feature (DNS ad blocking I guess) is one of the main reasons I use it on my phone. So many apps put ads at the bottom and you accidentally touch them when holding the phone, then it pops up a browser, then the browser link pops up the Google Play store..

    I'm sure there's plenty of other VPNs that have a similar feature but PIA is one of the cheaper ones when paid yearly.
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  18. I only use it because I got a 9 month membership on MC-Market for $2 so... lol.
    Will probably switch to PIA when it is over.
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  19. +1 Never have any problems.