Recommend some Linux desktop environemnts

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  1. Right now, I'm using Fedora with Gnome. I've tried KDE. With Gnome, I often feel very unorganized when I have a lot of windows open (ie. IDE, two web browsers, two Minecraft instances, two Spigot instances, Bungee server, nautilus/file browser, maybe some other random stuff too). KDE just seems messy and thrown together to me. That is my personal opinion, so please no fights. I'd like a recommendation for a good desktop environment to switch to that preferably works on Fedora, but I am willing to change distributions if 100% needed.
  2. Tux


    LXDE is a fairly good choice, so is XFCE
  3. LXDE is good for my lower-end laptop and is responsive and fluid for me. On my desktop Gnome works fine, I don't have problems with organization. Try keyboard shortcuts to streamline your app-switching?
  4. Ubuntu desktop or cent os desktop
  5. I've been running SnapWM for over a year, never looked back. Not once.

    No DE that I know of is truly distro-dependant, and you can usually install the individual tools they package independently (pcmanf, etc).
  6. I3 or awesome wm
  7. CentOS is a bad choice for a primary OS and Ubuntu is eh.

    You responded to this thread with OS recommendations even though he was asking for DE recommendations, which makes me see that you probably don't know much about linux environments at all.

    Lately I have seen you comment on threads with comments that make no sense, have no relevance or with things that you know nothing about, please stop this.
    no need to comment on something if you do not know the answer.

    // ontopic:
    Maybe try to work with gnome a bit more, try out the multiple workspace feature (CTRL + ALT + >)

    If that doesn't work out, SnapWM looks amazing.
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