Recommended Exploit Fixer?

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What is the recommended?

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  1. IllegalStack

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  2. ExploitFixer

  1. Hi,

    Out of interest, what exploit patching plugins are people using to protect their servers/network?
    I see a lot of users using either IllegalStack or ExploitFixer.
  2. There are exploits in 1.15.1?
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  3. Hi, the answer is yes, use exploitfixer, just look at the version history
    the plugin is updated regularly this is something important you can also communicate with the dev using discord or spigot
    and also has a bungeecord version
    practically most bugs to duplicate can also be blocked with AAC
  4. I never stated the server/network was only operating 1.15.1, there are also still exploits in 1.15..
    I'm trying to avoid from premium plugins. I am aware AAC is a very good resource though.
    Thank you for recommending and having some good input into the thread.
  5. There will always be exploits no matter what version of minecraft. People will always seem to find bugs one way or another.
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