Recommended Prison Plugins?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by xVolcanic_, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to start up a network, and the first server were opening is prison.

    I have main plugins like MineResetLite, Essentials, and Rankup Plugin.

    I need great quality plugins, like crate plugins, menu plugins, and extra plugins that the players like.

    Please post links below ;)
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  2. Use @PickNChew's MysteryCrates plugin! It's amazing. Also use, @RyanM's EzRanksLite plugin, it's also amazing.
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  3. CrateKeys might be more suitable for this :p
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  4. Ezrankslite is the best rankup plugin I've seen and it comes with a cooscorned board l scoreboard!
  5. Yeah. And I would get a Developer to get some fun custom plugins made to make it a little bit different than others.
  6. Agreed, and hey there Kronox. What do you all think about implementation of faction groups in the prison server? Heh this is totally a thing right lol :p
    • CrateKeys (paid)
    • Ezrankslite
    • Lottery
    • Mineresetlite
    • Mineresetliteplus
    • Customenchantments (more creative than the typical drugs, has very cool special items you could make 'illegal' like miniguns/flamethrowers)
    • Blockstoinventory+ (paid)
    • Gangs ( )
    • Easy-to-access GUI Shop (Use Boss shop?)
    That is stuff I'd like on a prison server ^
  7. clip


    The love <3

    Ty everyone for recommending EZRanksLite!
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  8. Thanks Man, getting some of them soon ;)