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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Latula, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Hi! I'm interested in creating a RPG server but I'm stuck on one thing: How big should the world be? I was hoping I could get some opinions on this. I'm shooting for a smaller player base at the start...say, uh, 40-60 people. I'm also going to be encouraging players to build villages/empires together. It will only feature a few existing settlements/dungeons/fortresses. I want the players to play a big role in developing the lore/building the world.

    Should I be aiming for a world size of 12k x 12k or something smaller?

    Thanks in advance for all of your help/opinions/suggestions. It's really appreciated. I can't make up my mind at all.

    Note: Sorry if this isn't in the right forum. All of the previous posts I read re: world size recommendations were posted in this one so I figured I would post it here too. Feel free to move it if you have the power to and this isn't the correct spot for it.
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    It depends what type of RPG server and map you are doing.
    Adventure map, survival map, how many quest, NPC towns, custom mobs, custom map, area levels, etc.?

    Take a look at wynncraft and herocraft
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  3. I'm not really sure where I can find information on the specific size of their maps. I'm familiar with both servers, though. I probably should have put more information in the first post, haha. I tried to sum up the premise of the server but I did it poorly. Basically, it's best to think of it like a survival world with optional quests, PvP arenas, dungeons (those are separate world files the player teleports to/inside of), and fortresses (for KoTHs). The world will have some existing settlements with NPCs and custom Mythic Mobs, but for the most part it's going to be a fresh, unconquered land that the players get to make their own. The map itself will be custom made in World Machine/World Painter. I want just enough space for random builds and player builds, but hopefully players will band together to make empires (there are perks and special events only towns can take part in).
  4. I would suggest using EpicWorldGenerator for you and then modifying the config and adding in/exchanging structures in it.
  5. Gaxan


    You could start with a 5000 X 5000 map and expand as needed.
  6. You could build off of this by getting a 10k x 10k map for example and then setting the world border to 5k and if the server gets really popular, re-expand it to 10k or just expand it. :)
  7. Thanks for both of your suggestions! I believe I'll just make a 10k x 10k world map and then if the playerbase grows or they want more land/different biomes I could bring it into WorldPainter and add another 10k x 10k continent. :) Thanks so much!
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