[Recruiting] Someone to set up bungeecord, paid

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just looking for someone experienced to setup bungeecord for my server sometime in the next month. We dont have the hub world built, but it does not matter yet. Just need to get it ready.

    Because of the online mode to false, I want to set it up either with a firewall or setup so they only ever need to connect to one IP and cant find out our actual server IPs. I have set up bungee working before, however took it off due to the security. It will be a paid job and can talk about how much. Please either add me on skype kira.castle and say "plugin help" (I have too many requests sitting there) or post here.

    Who we are? A pixelmon modded MCPC+ server for 1.6.2 (link below) that also uses Remote Toolkit (not sure it would interfere). Due to compatibility, we have limitations on slots and need to create multiple servers due to popularity. This takes time but I am making more now.

    Also if you are experienced in anything else, eg plugin development let me know as well, we are also looking for those :)

    Thanks so much guys
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  2. Outlaw11A


    I'm interested. Please add me on skype: awprice. I think I added you...
  3. Adding you.
  4. Kk I added, ill let people know if i am still looking