Spigot Red Spawners 1.1.0 [Legacy]

Require redstone to power spawners

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    Red Spawners - Require redstone to power spawners

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    Legacy Edition [1.1.0]

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  3. Redstone isn't limited on Minecraft, Redstone is half the game, the limitation is within your creativity ;)
  4. 1) When did I say limited?

    2) HALF THE GAME? I beg to differ.
    Majority of the servers I have been on VERY VERY VERY few people use redstone stuff. Not to mention not many things REQUIRE you to use redstone. This is just making things a little more fun.
  5. does this only work as a standalone spawner plugin or can it be used with others such as MergedSpawners or EpicSpawners?
  6. OMG people use this plugin?
    HAHA.... anyways Im not entirely sure. It might. Basically what happens is when the spawner attempts to spawn, if there is no power, then it cancels the event. As long as other plugins don't overturn the cancel, it SHOULD work with other plugins.
    Id say give it a whirl and see how it goes.
  7. will do, thanks.
    and yeah seems like a nice idea, gives a new asspect to spawners that i like. was looking through your plugins/skripts and seen this, thought it was a nice idea.
  8. Thanks
    I saw it on one of those "plugin request" threads on bukkit.... thought it was a neat idea.
  9. Can confirm it works fine with MergedSpawners (y)
  10. Awesome, thank you for letting me know :)
  11. well crap... 2 months huh?
    Welp screw you warning below.

    Wanted to know if this plugin allows vanilla spawners that haven't been mined up to work as normal?

    Where the plugin only checks placed spawners for redstone power?

    EDIT: Currently having issues with CMI's spawner handling not working so figured I'd try this plugin out because it seams like a great idea!
  12. huh?

    This plugin will stop all spawners that do not have power from working.
  13. Well damn... defeats the purpose of natural dungeons then.
    Was gonna be great if this allowed natural spawners to still function while placed ones didn't.
    Oh well, thanks mate.
  14. NCF


    id liek to echo the sentiments of dude above. if this redstone toggle functionality could be applied to spawners individually (say by clicking them with a redstone block, while leaving untouched spawners to operate as intended) i would try this out

    i think the guy's comments about 2 months is in reg ards to the spigot "necro post" warning for bumping inactive threads
  15. Ohhh yeah that makes sense now.

    As for vanilla spawners you find in the world, the reason I haven't touched them is because on some servers, players find dungeons, and then build a base around it, make the vanilla spawner now be their "zombie farm" or whatever you find.
    If I excluded those spawners somehow, then players wouldn't require Redstone for those spawners and would therefor defeat the purpose of this plugin.
  16. Could add a config then to toggles natural spawners o.o
  17. NCF


    kinda agree with this, it does say "require redstone for X".

    what are the chances you could make an alternative plugin whos purpose was to grant redstone functionality to spawners, under some condition (such as, only if the spawner in question was right clicked by a player with a block of redstone)

    also i have a technical question.. i think u mentioned somewhere that u are canceling the spawn event if there is no redstone signal. i wonder if it would be possible or feasible to instead somehow disable a spawner's ability to detect players if redstone signal is absent, thus giving a disabled spawner a visible means of indicating if it is on or off (due to them not spinning or emitting particles when the spawner is inactive- functionality observable in vanilla by entering and exiting spectator mode while looking at a spawner)
  18. Well... the reasoning for people building bases around the spawner isn't 100% solid reasoning.

    I mean what is there in vanilla?
    Strongholds, mansions, mineshafts, netherfortresses, the usual dungeons.
    Strongholds: SilverFish
    Mansions: a few spawners
    Mineshafts: CaveSpider
    Fortresses: Blaze
    Dungeons: Spider, Zombie, Skeleton

    All challenge removed from those areas due to this plugin removing their function of challenge.
    Thus removing the real reason to even want this plugin... to pick up a spawner and give it a redstone signal for it to function when placed at a new area.

    Though in all honesty... I can already give a spawner a "redstone signal" but to turn it off through using redstone lamps. This would of just made it easier without needing several redstone lines.

    BUT!!! This plugin is PERFECT for skyblock servers, so if we ever release a skyblock server, I'll be using it for sure.
  19. I think rather than making a new plugin, as Dracathio stated making a configurable option would be best. To do this, I would need to log every spawner a player place into a config, and from that, only require Redstone for placed spawners (ie: spawners found in dungeons would still work regardless of Redstone) I could also add a fun feature where if you broke a block NEAR the spawner (ie: the block under a spawner) it would then log/flag this spawner to require Redstone. So in the event if a player found a dungeon, the spawner would work but as soon as they started breaking/placing blocks to make their mob trap, it would then require Redstone.

    Im not entirely sure if this is possible. It might be, but Im not entirely sure how I'd tackle this.
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