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  1. Hey can somebody help me with RedirectPlus i want it so it sends people to a server onces that servers full it sends them to the next but it does not do that rn. Can anyone help?

    my config is attached (ik its in txt i just copyed it into txt so I can upload it)

    And my list of servers here:
    - dynamiclobby02D
    - dynamiclobby44E
    - dynamiclobby41A
    - dynamiclobby3C
    - dynamiclobby40A
    - dynamiclobby8E
    - dynamiclobby29C
    - dynamiclobby25B
    - dynamiclobby29D
    - dynamiclobby32B

    currently it just sends them to the first one like it says in my bungee.yml

    Burly :)

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